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Devonish Art Gallery...
Soul-Soothing Sculptures & Pottery
& An Eclectic Collection of Caribbean Creations


the friendly entrance to devonish art gallery

One-of-a-kind boutiques.

Interesting art galleries.

That is Anguilla shopping.

St. Maarten, you can have the electronics and duty free stores ;-)

Anguilla has long-had a population of talented local artists, and that population is ever-growing.

Similar to other beloved, lesser-known spots around the world (Provincetown, Tofino, etc.), many talented ex-pat artists find something special in Anguilla.

It's not just the sea scenery and endless tranquility wrapped in blue.

It's something in the air, a spirit that touches the soul and inspires.

That very spirit has beckoned ex-pat artists to our shores, many who visit once, fall in love and later call Anguilla home.

Perhaps the original, who is now more Anguillian than Bajan, is Mr. Courtney Devonish.

Meet Sculptor & Potter, Mr. Courtney Devonish

Originally from Barbados, Anguilla has been home to Mr. Courtney Devonish since 1988.

Mr. Courtney Devonish
sculptor and potter mr. courtney devonish

anguilla card emblem

Mr. Devonish's creations have been celebrated and showcased worldwide, from London to Guyana, to Cuba and across Canada. His life experiences, too, have taken him to England and Italy, where he studied arts and crafts, and Canada, where he later taught.

He is accomplished and experienced to say the least.

Through all of his travels and experiences, he and his wife Carrolle never felt so at ease than when at home in Anguilla, drinking in its soothing spirit.

In talking to Mr. Devonish, one thing quickly becomes clear. His own spirit.

Mr. Devonish's Mahogany Sculptures

a sulpture out of mahogany by mr. devonish

When you speak with Mr. Devonish, his eyes sparkle, his smile widens, his mind and heart completely devoted to the conversation.

Intelligent, genuine, kind and caring, Mr. Devonish is a warm soul.

That personality is deeply conveyed and captured through his rich, signature mahogany sculptures.

Hand-crafted in his off-site studio, great love and labor goes into creating his fine, smooth sculptures, which not only have been shown in exhibits as far back as in the 1960s, they have even been presented to President Ronald Regan, amongst other heads of states and governments.

Each sculpture is inspired by a different feeling or moment.

From the more poetic and whimsical...

Female Torso, Eclipse Sunburst, Relief Imbuia
devonish sculptures of female torso, eclipse sunburst and relief imbuia

...to concrete life forms.

Mahogany Angel Fish
devonish angel fish out of mahogany

Anguilla's National Bird, Captured in Mahogany
devonish sculpture national bird of anguilla

His expressions of women are especially evocative, full of emotion, this sculpture being a personal favorite...

Mr. Devonish's Signature Mahogany Carvings
signature female carving by devonish

In addition to art pieces, Mr. Devonish hand carves a variety of objects for day-to-day living, bringing warmth and sunshine to the more routine aspects of life.

Cheese Knives
cheese knives hand-carved by courtney devonish

mahogany vases by devonish

Touch Forms

One of his most interesting mahogany carvings is his "Touch Forms."

Touch Forms
devonish famous touch forms carvings

The idea came to him when he was a student with many friends who were trying to quit smoking. One of the hardest parts of the addiction? Coping with idle hands and soothing cravings and tension.

And so, "Touch Forms" came to be.

Heart Touch Forms
courtney devonish heart touch form carvings

Hand-carved from mahogany, they are just the right weight and come in two sizes.

Smooth to the touch, they are designed to be rubbed over and over during moments of stress. Said simply, holding them in the palm of your hand just makes you feel better.

A thoughtful creation, indeed.

Clay Works & Ceramic Pottery

In addition to being a skilled sculptor, Mr. Devonish works with clay and ceramics to create pottery.

devonish hand made ceramics

Playful and colorful, his pottery brightens up a room in a variety of forms, from pelicans and puffer fish, to delicate vases and tableware.

ceramic puffer fish and vases by devonish

Meet Carrolle Devonish, Bead Artist

With Carrolle Devonish
nori and carrolle devonish

As one might expect, Mr. Devonish's wife, Carrolle Devonish, is equal parts creative and kind.

Her art form?

Bead work to adorn the body.

A bead enthusiast who has traveled to and collected beads from all corners of the world, African beads have held a special place in her heart since she visited Kenya in the 90s.

From her vast bead collection, Carrolle creates one of a kind pieces.

From necklaces made with smaller, gentler beads...

glass bead necklace created by carrolle devonish

... to those with big and bold beads...

beautiful african bead necklace made by carrolle devonish

... no two creations are the same.

Carrolle explained that most of her necklaces are made with glass beads. Each necklace is carefully thought through with attention placed on how the beads complement each other.

carrolle devonish explaining her beadwork

This necklace particularly caught my eye...

beautiful glass bead necklace

Carrolle explained that these beads are all the way from Ethiopia. Enchanting... the colors reminiscent of the clear water of the Caribbean.

Anguilla Artwork

Mr. Devonish's original hand-carved sculptures and hand-made pottery and Carrolle's bead work can be viewed at their gallery, Devonish Art Gallery.

Here, Mr. Devonish also showcases a variety of interesting Anguilla art, a wonderful part of the gallery's culture. Mr. Devonish uses his own space to celebrate like-minded artists, capturing Anguilla's natural beauty through many different eyes.

anguilla paintings

As you move through the gallery, there are plenty of hidden finds to be discovered, including a variety of charming greeting cards.

Hand-Painted Anguilla Greeting Cards

An award winning photographer whose photographs adorn the walls of celebrity homes and politicians' board rooms, Mr. Kirk Russell's fine photography upon greeting cards is noteworthy. Stunning, quality captures of familiar Anguilla scenes, they are unique to Mr. Devonish's shop.

Captivating Postcards by Mr. Kirk Russell
kirk russell anguilla greeting cards

Around another corner of Mr. Devonish's gallery, the sign "In loving memory of Carol Richardson, quilt maker" hangs above an assortment of cozy patchwork quilts.

Hand-Woven Quilts
handmade anguilla quits

On another shelf in the back of the gallery lies drawings of the Anguilla of yester-year, penned by "V. Valente."

By V. Valente
uncle ernies of yester year drawing found at devonish art gallery in anguilla

anguilla bwi christmas ornaments

For those seeking more traditional Anguilla souvenirs, a small selection can also be found at Mr. Devonish's gallery.

Vibrant, hand-painted Christmas "Anguilla, BWI" Christmas ornaments.

Bird, gecko and goat t-shirts.

They are not a focus of the gallery, but all are available.

anguilla goat and gecko t-shirts

Regional Pieces & Exhibits

Beyond the scope of Anguilla, Mr. Devonish also encourages burgeoning artists and showcases well-established regional and international artists.

A carefully curated selection of Caribbean pieces can be seen throughout his store...

charming west indies artwork

As well as full-blown exhibits, whether they be Caribbean in nature...

Lucia Tritan Oil on Canvas
oil on canvas by lucia tritan

... sharing Caribbean scenes and imagery of life, flora and fauna...

lucia tritan exhibit at devonish gallery

... or Caribbean feeling in nature, such as the exhibit shown below.

art exhibit at devonish art gallery

Through all of the different expressions shared at Devonish Art Gallery, one commonality holds steady. Devonish Art Gallery is a celebration of the arts, and Mr. Devonish is a true original.

For a slice of Caribbean life and inspiration, visit Mr. Devonish at his gallery, Devonish Art Gallery.

Contact, Location & Hours

Directions: If you are heading west from The Valley, Devonish Art Gallery is located on the main road just before the turn off to the Cove. The gallery is opposite Cafe de Paris.

Devonish Art Gallery


Hours: Daily from 10 or 11am.

Tel.: 264-497-2949