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Dolphin Discovery Anguilla...
Up Close & Personal!

Romaro Richardson, Anguilla-Beaches.com's 18 year old intern and recent-grad of Anguilla's "Albena Lake Hodge Comprehensive School" shares his experience at Dolphin Discovery Anguilla.

Another great asset to Anguilla's smorgasbord of tourist attractions is Dolphin Discovery Anguilla, a highly-memorable and amazingly fun activity for the family.

The main office is located in Blowing Point shortly before you meet the ferry terminal, right next to Big Jim's food outlet. (Don't grab a bite before you go swimming with the dolphins of course! ;-))

The Dolphin Discovery Office in Blowing Point, Anguilla
dolphin discovery anguilla office

Inside Dolphin Discovery's office there are plenty of souvenirs worth purchasing. After all, this is one of the Caribbean's largest Dolphin habitations, and after your swim you will want something to accompany the stories you tell your friends... A.K.A. to enhance your bragging rights. ;-)

After a quick chit-chat and arranging payments at the office, you take a short taxi ride down to the Dolphin facility. The staff is friendly, yet maintain a great level of formality and respect towards customers.

Upon arrival at the facility, and after the removal of personal items, you are suited up with a sleek life jacket. Next, you take a stroll along a scenic wharf with a view of docked ships in the bay area and the neighboring island of St. Martin.

At the end of the wharf? The dolphin's habitat and activity area. Here you are introduced to Dolphin Discovery Anguilla's well trained photographers and a professional dolphin instructor. Our instructor's name was Max.

Have no fear! You are in good hands. How do I know? I cannot swim, yet made it in and out of the water safely.

Once making your way from the boardwalk to the submerged platform, the professional trainer instructs the dolphins to perform a plethora of tricks and flips. The dolphins execute them with precision and style!

Anguilla Dolphin Jump
anguilla dolphin jump

Dolphin Kiss
dolphin discovery anguilla

From there the trainer guides you through some hands-on activities with the dolphins as you stand on the platform at the dolphin habitat's edge.

We gave the dolphins a belly rub and a back rub.

The dolphins gave us a each a kiss.

And, the dolphins let us pat them on the nose.

Dolphin Pat
anguilla dolphin jump

But that's not all, some of these tricks actually require your full participation.

You leave the side of the dolphin trainer, and the platform, and swim out into the area where the dolphins swim.

From there the dolphins take you on wild rides. They are filled with speed and agility, and leave you in awe for days!

Note: I do not recommend having loose fitting trousers on for this part.

A couple of my favorite tricks?

First, the Dorsal Tow. Here, you grab onto the dorsal fins of your aquatic compadres and they take you for a quick sprint through the water.

Second, the Belly Ride. You hold onto the flippers of one of the dolphins while they glide through the water on their back.

Last, but certainly not least, is the notorious Foot Push. Both dolphins push up on the bottom of your feet while you are in standing position. Next? They hurl you through the air.

I must have flown more than a foot!...

The Foot Push!
anguilla dolphin jump

After the exchange of thank you's and good-bye's you depart from your bottle-nosed friends and are taken back to the main office. Here, you can use the outdoor showers, changing rooms, restrooms and view the memorable photos on one of the available kiosk setups.

Dolphin Discovery Anguilla was quite an experience!

I personally view Dolphin Discovery Anguilla as a once in a lifetime opportunity where you are able to interact with one of the most majestic sea creatures with such intimacy that would otherwise have not been possible.

In closing, if you have the chance to swim with the dolphins at Dolphin Discovery Anguilla, don't hesitate. Even to spectate from the wharf is a sight you will never forget!