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Oliver's Seaside Grill

by Bob Cadenhead
(Dallas, TX USA)

It was a warm breezy evening on my first visit to Oliver's. We had reservations for dinner and at first glance reservations that perhaps we had made a mistake. Our party of five was to be seated just inside the porch and the breeze was blowing everything off the table we were to be seated at. However, we were met at the entrance by a young pretty girl who had a beautiful smile and a glow of happiness. We soon found that everyone who worked there had the same smiles and glow.

After being seated and starting through the menu our host Oliver McDonna arrived at our table to introduce himself and apologize for the wind. He offered to move us but we declined as we had discovered this was just a part of the experience. Oliver told us of the special, an Island Harbour Crayfish in some wonderful diablo sauce, and I was hooked immediately.

Our party dined for 3 plus hours and the food and beverages were the best I had (and still have) ever enjoyed. The service was equally spectacular which sounds odd since it took us three hours, but Oliver and his staff make the meal a real dining experience and let you take the time you want. Not only do you get the special attention they afford you but you get the magical sounds of Frankie Rogers while you are there.

I have taken numerous parties to dine at Oliver's and everyone of them has come away raving about the quality of the entire experience. On every visit I have whatever the special is as Chef Leon Carty has always come through with a tremendous dish.

Mr. McDonna is one of the most gracious and endearing persons I have met, either on Anguilla or anywhere else I have been in my many travels. It has been way too long since my last visit to Oliver's or Anguilla, but no matter where I am the memories of both tug at my heart and everything else pales in comparison.

Don't forget to try Grandma's Homemade Coconut Pie!!!!!

Nori's Reply: Thank you for the beautiful account, Bob. Your passion for Oliver's Seaside Grill really shines through. I know why, too. ;-) I haven't been to Oliver's in years (far too long!), but it is one of my warmest memories. Dining overlooking a moonlit sea, a comfortable, cozy environment, kind people. The food was to die for. We ordered the whole free-range chicken. I have never had chicken like that before! I, too, miss Oliver's Seaside Grill. Thank you so much again. :-)

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