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Rotary Club of Anguilla...
Help Build a Blood Bank & Own a Piece of Anguilla


rotary club blood blank thermometer

Since its inception in 1978, the dedicated and hard-working Rotary Club of Anguilla has been motivated by one shared goal...

Be a gift to Anguilla!

Their next gift to Anguilla?

A blood bank for Anguilla's Princess Alexandra Hospital.

The cost of the blood bank?

$100,000 USD.

The good news?

If the Rotary Club of Anguilla raises $50,000, the Rotary Foundation will match the amount and donate the remaining $50,000.

And so, the mission to build a blood bank is on!

To raise the funds, the determined Rotary Club of Anguilla has put together an enticing raffle...

A chance to win your own piece of Anguilla.


Own a Piece of Anguilla

The Rotary Club of Anguilla is holding a raffle with a terrific prize... a 1/2 acre of land at Blackgarden Bay! To "fly over" the land, take a look at the video below"

Click here for the plot of land.

The Need For a Blood Bank in Anguilla

Anguilla has never and still does not have a blood bank. When blood is needed, the hospital pulls from a small pool of donors for blood transfusions. It requires that a) a match be available and on-island and b) that match be screened before the blood can be collected and transfused. Time consuming, it's a process that can be detrimental in emergencies.

The blood bank will eliminate a great amount of wasted time in critical situations.

All funds raised by the Rotary Club of Anguilla go towards purchasing the equipment required to build the blood bank...

  • Blood bank centrifuge - capacity four units
  • Blood bank refrigerator – 23.3 Cu Ft single glass door 115 v
  • Blood bank freezer -20 C (upright solid single door 115 v)
  • Platelet agitator (5 – 10 units)
  • Equipment for donation process, ( 2 balances with timing devices, strippers and a heat sealer)
  • Blood Bank freezer -70 C (upright solid single door 115v)
  • Plasma thawer (small)
  • Cold chain transport units – capacity one and two units.

How to Buy a Ticket & Support the Blood Bank

Raffle tickets cost USD $25.00 each.

Rotarian Walter Bayer, who resides in Anguilla, will purchase your raffle ticket.

To purchase a ticket, log into PayPal and send Walter USD $25.00 via the "Friends & Family" option. His email = bayerw2@gmail.com

Include your name, email address, physical address and phone number. Walter will follow up with your raffle ticket number.

The Rotary Club Effect

This is just one of the Rotary Club of Anguilla's many accomplishments over the years...

Donating much-needed dictionaries to primary school students in the island's quest to promote literacy...

school dictionaries and the rotary club of anguilla

Sponsoring young sailors and giving them the opportunity to pursue their passions and compete in Tortola's youth regatta...

anguilla youth at tortola youth regatta

Providing medical supplies to those in need...

rotary club anguilla donating medical supplies

From the small-yet-significant, to the large-and-life-changing, their accomplishments and initiatives speak for themselves. Yes, Rotary Club of Anguilla has touched and improved many lives.

One more example?

Rotary Club of Anguilla Builds a Home for Visually Challenged Youth

In 2014, the Rotary Club of Anguilla embarked on a mission... to provide Mr. Tyrone Richardson with a home of his own.

Tyrone Richardson with Rotarians Harris Richardson and Seymour Hodge
with tyrone richardson of anguilla
Photo From: The Anguillian

"[Visually challenged, Tyrone Richardson] is well-known throughout the Anguillian community having used his well-developed sense of direction to travel widely on the island on foot – and sometimes even on a bicycle – to the amazement of many. He has worked at the Water Corporation and at Aronel, a private water company. He has also played in a musical band."
- The Anguillian.

Tyrone Richardson is an inspiration to the community. Inspired by his story, in 2015, the Rotary Club of Anguilla engaged the community to begin construction on a home for Tyrone.

Construction Begins
construction of tyrone home by rotary club of anguilla

A year-long project, it was fueled by a number of fundraisers and community events. Thanks to many contributions from the community and to the Rotary Club who donated over $24,000 USD, all came to fruition!

Construction Continues
rotary club of anguilla constructing tyrone home

One bedroom, spacious and fully complete with amenities, it is also located just next to his family's house in North Side. Today? "[Tyrone] plays his own music on a keyboard in the comfort of his home."
- The Anguillian

Welcome Home, Tyrone!
tyrone house completed by rotary club of anguilla

And now their biggest initiative of all is in full-swing...

Enter to Win & Help Create Anguilla's Blood Bank

Update: Terrific news! Because of all of YOUR help the Rotary Club reached their goal! A huge thank you from Anguilla! And, a huge congratulations to Mr. Peyton Meilhac who won the 1/2 acre of land!

To be part of the creation of Anguilla's blood bank, and to enter to win a piece of Anguilla, refer to the information below.

Ticket cost: USD $25.00 each

To purchase: Walter Bayer, a Rotarian who lives in Anguilla, will purchase your ticket for you. Simply log into PayPal and send Walter USD $25.00. His email = bayerw2@gmail.com Include your email address and phone number. Walter will follow up with your raffle ticket number.

Deadline to enter: Aug. 11 2016

Draw date: Aug. 12 2016

The winner will be informed via email/phone call and will also be announced in The Anguillian.

Best of luck & with sincere thanks from the Anguilla community!