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A Luxurious Anguilla Villa Hotel


Update 2018: Sheriva is under construction. Updates to come on their re-opening.

Stepping foot into Sheriva is stepping into luxury.

the gates to sheriva

Set in the island's west end, Sheriva's concept is unique. It is a "luxury Anguilla villa hotel." The property is made up of three ultra-luxury villas, each with plenty of privacy and each with daily service and a long list of amenities.

The result is a private villa-esque experience, yet with all of the services and amenities of a hotel.

We recently met Jeannine, the hotel's General Manager. Down to earth, warm and fun, she graciously showed us this sensational property. Villa Mystique, Harmony and Infinity make up Sheriva's family of villas. Visiting Harmony and Mystique were on today's list.

Harmony Villa at Sheriva
approaching harmony villa, one of the villas at sheriva

Inside Sheriva Villa, Harmony...

anguilla card emblem

Inside the grand white walls and through the strong, wooden door, the first thought that came to mind was now this is spacious.

Sheriva's villas are big.

Large, bright and airy are three words that justly describe these villas.

Main Floor

Harmony is 14,000 square feet with three floors.

The main floor is the largest, with one pool, three bedrooms, an office, living space, a dining room and kitchen.

main floor view from sheriva

The living area, tiered down by a few steps, is impressive. Comfortable, colorful, Caribbean-like couches offer views out to St. Martin, the sea and the stunning pool area. If you prefer to switch your gaze to the television, a flatscreen is there, too.

living and kitchen area inside sheriva

The View From the Living Area
another angle of the living space

With the pool just beyond the living area, the space is optimized for indoor-outdoor living. During the day, you have the conveniences of the kitchen (just beyond the living area) and television just steps away from the pool. At night, the trades blow through, keeping you cool. Or, you can seal it all up and turn on the a/c.

living room opens onto this view

Gourmet Kitchen & Dining Room

A gourmet kitchen, with all modern appliances, is located behind the living space. You can also hire a private chef to prepare meals. I particularly love the island in the center of the kitchen, complete with barstools. The set up is ideal for whipping up tasty appetizers and wining and dining together.

gourmet kitchen inside sheriva

For more formal dining, the dining room is located just in front of the kitchen. It also opens up onto the deck, complete with those stunning views of St. Martin.

the dining room in sheriva

We followed Jeannine west through the villa to the crown jewel of Harmony...

The Master Bedroom

With the finest linens, views out to sea, it is indeed luxurious!

master bedroom

Jeannine smiled as we oohed and ahhed, "the best is yet to come..."

THE Bathroom

She was right. The master bedroom has a master bathroom, a bathroom that beats any I have ever seen. From space, to amenities, to finishings, it is luxurious in every way.

The Shower
huge shower in sheriva villa

The Bathtub and Vanity
bathroom and vanity

This isn't any regular bathtub either. It is a negative edge tub, with marble finishings and jet streams.

Walk-in shower, huge soak tub and a cozy rattan chaise for keeping that utterly relaxed feeling going long after your shower/bath...

bathtub and sitting area

And, of course, this view only adds to that tranquil state of mind!

view from bathroom window

The experience doesn't end there. Just beyond the bathroom? Closet space and dressing room, with plenty of seating.

closet space and dressing room


On the same floor, two additional bedrooms are located in the east wing of the house. This includes rooms with full beds and twin beds...

another bedroom!

The vaulted ceilings lend an extra-spacious and Caribbean flavor to the rooms. They open onto the large outdoor deck as well.

twin bedroom on the main floor

There are two additional bathrooms adjacent to the bedrooms.

Office Needs

My heart skipped a beat when I saw this Mac in their office area also set in the villa's eastern wing! With high-speed internet, a printer and phones, you can conduct business from the comfort of your villa. Or, simply check email and print our boarding passes all in one place.

office space with printer and computer

Very convenient!

Upper Floor

After exploring every nook and cranny of the expansive main floor, Jeannine brought us to the very top floor where the views are wide and expansive...

Decks & Views

Harmony Villa & Its Pools Below!
looking down over the whole villa

Sparkling Blue!
looking downstairs from upstairs

Set on the road to Maunday's Bay, the beach isn't out of reach. Just a two minute drive away, you have the advantage of close beach proximity and stunning views from up on the small hill that surrounds Maunday's. It's the best of both worlds.

The Caribbean Sea and Maunday's Bay in the Distance
views out to maundays bay

Which islands can you see from the villa's huge upstairs deck?

First, St. Martin. We always say that here in Anguilla, we have the better side of the deal when it comes to scenery. Gazing out to the majestic mountains of the French half of St. Martin inspires dreams of far-reaching, exotic travels.

Looking South to St. Martin
views south to st. martin

Second, Saba. One of the perks to staying out on the west end of Anguilla is the view of Saba, an island in the middle of the sea that is pure volcanic rock.

saba views in the distance from sheriva top floor

On the upper floor there is another large, junior-suite style bedroom. It faces the sea, with terrific views, too.

upstairs  bedroom with kitchenette

In addition to having its own spacious bathroom and sitting area, there is a small kitchen too. Microwave, coffee maker, sink, counter space and a mini-fridge!

This top-floor bedroom and the master bedroom make for great escapes for parents, aunts/uncles, grandparents or couples (if traveling with multiple couples/friends).

You can enjoy the being together in the main areas of the villa, and then retreat to your own, private space.

sitting area and small kitchen in one bedroom

Bottom Floor

Lastly, Jeannine brought us to Harmony's bottom floor, which opens onto the main pool with a jacuzzi.

bottom floor opens onto this

As we made our way downstairs, I had to laugh. "It would be easy to get lost in a villa like this!" It really is that big.

Living, Dining, Kitchen

downstairs floor to villa harmony

This floor features a full kitchen and living room, complete with a dining space. There are four bedrooms, four bathrooms and...

An Entertainment Room!
the cinema room

If you are traveling with kids, this will indeed be their favorite room in the house. I could picture my sister, the video game and TV addict in the family, locked in here for hours!

A small kitchen is conveniently located inside the home theater, too. Snacks are never out of reach. :-)


The bedrooms here are set in the back of the villa, opening onto the living/dining areas. Each bedroom has its own bathroom. The King Bedroom is located on this floor and has its own small kitchen space, living area and a luxurious bathroom with large closet space.

master bedroom downstairs

Ultra-private and separate from the rest of the villa, this bedroom is often enjoyed by those who seek more solitude and total quiet.

bathroom in the downstairs area

What a whirlwind! Harmony indeed took our breath away. Just when we thought our expectations had been topped, Jeannine went on to say...

"Harmony and Infinity (another one of Sheriva's three villas) are practically identical. Mystique is the third in Sheriva's villas, and it boasts 21,000 square feet."

"21,000 square feet?" I replied incredulously. "Yep, in fact, it's so big that it has its own junior suite! Let me show you..."

Inside Mystique Villa's Junior Suite

The entrance to Mystique is indeed majestic!

entrance to mystique

There is even a parking lot for your golf carts (which the villa provides for you to drive down to Maunday's Bay whenever you wish)!

parking for your golf cart at sheriva

The Junior Suite inside Mystique is located on the bottom floor and completely locks off from the rest of the villa. It has its own separate entrance.

mystique suite

In classic Sheriva fashion, the finishings were flawless, the feel utterly spacious and Caribbean-comfortable.

mystique junior suite kitchen

You have everything you need here, including the plush queen bed, a dining area, living area and access to the outdoor pool. Depending on availability they will even rent it separately at a discounted rate. Just ask!

Gym Facilities

An extra perk to Mystique? The gym...


With every type of equipment, and complete with air conditioning, keeping your figure fit and slim on vacation is never a problem at Mystique. ;-)

Amenities, Service and Lots of Sheriva Love!

While Sheriva is defined by its extraordinary villas and breathtaking views, it's known for so providing so much more than a (very luxe!) pillow to rest your head...

What else is included?

  • Access to the game room (located in their office pavilion ... a favorite for kids on vacation)
  • Golf Carts (to drive down to the beach at Maunday's Bay, 2 minutes away)
  • Signing privileges at Cap Juluca's (on Maunday's) restaurants
  • Daily continental breakfast
  • Calls to the States and Canada
  • Laundry
  • Concierge services

Beyond the added amenities, you can't think Sheriva without thinking quality service. Warm, friendly, professional and around the clock, the experience Sheriva delivers is full of love and care. From meeting you at your point of arrival in Anguilla, to daily housekeeping, to final good-byes.

It's no wonder Sheriva has a long list of repeat guests who have fallen in love with this villa hotel, their luxurious home away from home.

Rates & Contact

Rates start at $2,900-3,300 in the low season (4 bedrooms) and range from $4,000 to $4,500 in high season (4 bedrooms).

For more information visit Sheriva's website here.