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Venus Spa...
An Award-Winning Oasis of Calm

NEW 2017: Venus Spa's farm to spa DIY Blend Bar! More on Venus Spa's Blend Bar.

Anguilla is synonymous with relaxation, people escaping to its pristine, white-sand beaches for a dose of Tranquility Wrapped in Blue. What if you want transcendental Tranquility Wrapped in Blue?

The island's leading spa, one of the world's best, remedies all.

Venus Spa has been the recipient of Condé Nast Johansens' prestigious and highly-coveted "Most Excellent Spa Hotel" award on more than one occasion. It sets standards for elite spas down the Atlantic coast, through the Caribbean and even the Pacific Islands.

Venus Spa
venus spa at cuisinart golf resort spa

Owned by CuisinArt Golf Resort & Spa, Venus Spa is the product of large-scale renovations, which were undertaken in 2009. Today, the sumptuous three storey spa sits on the western corner of the resort's lush property.

Plush locker rooms, relaxation lounges, a "Healing Waters" pool and sixteen treatment rooms offering a plethora of scrubs, facials and massages await you.

Welcome to Venus Spa, your oasis of calm.

Meet Spa Director, Catherine Phillips

anguilla card emblem

The woman at the helm of the pace-setting Venus Spa lives and breathes its ethos.

Originally from California, Catherine Phillips has headed up prestigious spas at hotels and resorts across the Caribbean and in England. With an impressive breadth of knowledge and a specific set of skills (Catherine is also a certified holistic health practitioner, cosmetologist, esthetician and massage therapist), she has perfected the art of crafting spa experiences that heal, rejuvenate and release tensions.

Spa Director, Catherine Phillips
venus spa director catherine

Catherine's enthusiasm for wellness and spas is contagious. Spend a few minutes with her, and you quickly feel re-invigorated.

Together, we toured CuisinArt's multi-level and multi-room spa facility.

The Venus Spa Team

Before embarking on our spa exploration, Catherine introduced me to the Venus Spa team.

Ruth Carty & Peter Vasilis
peter vasilis and ruth carty

If you have checked-in at the spa, Ruth is a familiar face. A wealth of information, she knows Venus Spa inside and out and ensures you are well take care of. Peter is responsible for another impressive part of CuisinArt's Venus Spa, its state of the art gym. The resort's Fitness Director, Peter is as dedicated as they come. (More on CuisinArt's gym below.) You are in excellent hands with Ruth, Peter and Catherine!

Inside Venus Spa

Completely serene, switch off your mobile device before you step inside. Entering Venus Spa means entering a world free of disturbances.

Its interior strikes a fine balance between immaculate and clean, and warm and inviting. Sharp white walls are offset by rich wood floors. The circular structure of the building defines the atmosphere, creating a more exclusive feel.

The "Gods of Wind" Blowing Away "Bad Juju"
venus spa signature sculptures

As we walked the quiet halls, Catherine explained, "Venus Spa is about providing you with the treatment that best suits your body and its needs."

The Venus Spa Treatment

"For example," Catherine continued as she opened the door to the first treatment room on the tour, "this room is dedicated to hydrotherapy."

State of The Art Hydrotherapy Tub
For "Sea Escape" Treatments
treatment rooms at venus spa

My eyes widened inquisitively. "Hydrotherapy is the perfect answer to stress and it works wonders for those with chronic pain," Catherine said. A signature offering at Venus Spa, a number of their treatments work on two levels... to relax and to repair.

Vichy Showers
Included in the "Healing Waters Sea Scrub and Soak"
And, Also Available for $25 During a Scrub or Wrap in the Spa Upstairs
more treatment rooms at venus spa

After touring several more rooms, I was amazed by both the quality and diversity of rooms and equipment. Nothing else in Anguilla comes close to this.

What is on Venus Spa's menu?

    Massage Escapes
  • Anguillian Massage
  • Warmed Seashell Massage
  • Caribbean Warm Stone Massage
  • Exotic Essence Aromatherapy
  • Hydra Drew
  • Opti-Firm Eye
  • European Seaweed Facial
  • Back Cleansing
    Specialty Treatments
  • Reflexology
  • Reiki
  • Cranio Sacral
    Body Escapes
  • Caribbean Sea Salt Glo
  • Anguillian Coconut Pineapple Scrub
  • Warmed Seaweed Body Wrap
  • Apres Soleil Soothing Face & body Treatment

Tip: If spa is an important part of your planned Anguilla vacation, CuisinArt is the right resort for you. The above list just scratches the surface of what's available. Click here for the full spa menu.

Venus Spa Packages at
CuisinArt Golf Resort & Spa

Looking to completely unwind on your Anguilla vacation? CuisinArt Golf Resort & Spa offers a completely indulgent and relaxing travel package, "Spa Indulgence."

More information here.

Couples Treatment Room
couples treatment room at venus spa

They also offer luxurious packages for couples that emphasize shared experiences. Depending on the treatment selected, the rooms include private and spacious outdoor decks (with outdoor shower) and jacuzzis.

Treatment Room with Jacuzzi
couples massage room jacuzzi at venus spa

Gentlemen's Relaxation Room

Not a single aspect of the spa experience has been overlooked. In addition to offering spa treatments, they offer salon services (ex., hair cuts, waxing, pedicures and manicures). These services for men are held separately in the Gentlemen's Relaxation Room.

Gentlemen's Relaxation Room
venus spa gentlemens treatment room

The men's room, of course, comes complete with a flatscreen TV. (Can't miss NFL Sunday!)

State of the Art Fitness Center

The fitness center adjoins the spa. It features a wide range of the latest equipment for cardio, muscle training, yoga and pilates.

Inside CuisinArt's Fitness Center
state of the art fitness center

An on-site trainer can be booked for one-on-one sessions. Your trainer designs your work out program to suit your current level of fitness, taking your goals into account.

weight training area in cuisinart gym

The spa is often a final stop after a stiff work out in the gym, a vigorous match of tennis or basketball, and after a round of golf. Their "Revive," "Retreat" and "Relief" offerings, which include hydrotherapy and reflexology, target specific muscle groups.

Locker Rooms & Showers

Inside The Women's Locker Room
womens locker room inside venus spa

After meeting with Catherine, it was time to experience Venus Spa first hand.

We parted ways at the women's locker room.

This is where the Venus Spa experience begins.

Inside the private and peaceful locker room, your attendant awaits with your slippers and a light-weight robe.

Once ready, there is no waiting in a busy and exposed waiting area.

You are soon after escorted to your next tranquil destination.

First, though, these locker rooms are so much more than your average locker room.

The space includes showers, a beauty area...

Beauty Area
beauty area at womens locker room in venus spa

... complete with combs, Q-Tips and luscious creams. Six spaces in a large area results again in a sense of peace and privacy.

Women's Locker Room Lounge
lobby area in womens locker room at venus spa

There is also a comfortable lounge as you enter the locker room. The ambiance of calm continues to weave its way through the lounge. Take a sip of chilled water (with fresh slices of lemon) before you are guided to the next stop.

Relaxation Lounge

Accented by orchids and tropical plants, the Relaxation Lounge is true to its name.

The Relaxation Lounge
relaxation room at venus spa

Comfortable lounge chaises line the circular room and face oversized windows. The circular design is a stroke of genius, the curvature providing extra privacy.

Entering Relaxation Mode
nori inside relaxation room at venus spa

With a cup of tea, take in the views of CuisinArt's property, the Caribbean Sea and St. Martin in the near distance.

The View from The Relaxation Lounge
the view from venus spa

Your specialist soon greets you and whisks you away to begin your treatment.

Healing Waters

The best way to ease into a total state of tranquility? Start at Venus Spa's "Healing Waters" pool.

Kept at a balmy 37°C (body temperature), the room fills with a gentle mist as the jets come on. Its waters are a combination of fresh and salt water, rich in minerals. The salt water's buoyant effect further reduces stress on joints and muscles.

Healing Waters
healing waters mineral pool

The pool is meant to ease every tension. It's a goal that is realized in seconds!

Me & My Sister at Healing Waters
nori and yuki in the mineral pool

Close your eyes and lay back as the mineral-enriched water floats away the stress of the day.

Certain Venus Spa treatments include a visit to Healing Waters.

(Ex., Sea Scrubs, Aqua Massage Therapy, Warmed Seaweed Body Wraps.)

If the treatment you have selected doesn't include a visit to Healing Waters, I highly recommend adding it to your package.

25 minutes costs $30 and you can arrange to visit Healing Waters before your "official" treatment.

You leave completely loose and free.

Jets On!
healing waters with the jets on

Nourishing Island Sampler

Tropical Rain Shower
outdoor shower during treatment

Speaking of choosing a treatment, it can be overwhelming since the choices are endless.

If you aren't sure, ask Venus Spa's helpful staff for a recommendation.

Being a sun-exposed surfer, Catherine suggested a treatment that would address all parts of the body, the "Nourishing Island Sampler."

Lasting 80 minutes, the treatment includes...

  • Full body scrub
  • Anguillian massage
  • Seaweed facial

A spot-on suggestion!

The lovely Patricia collected me from the Relaxation Room and soon the Anguillian Coconut Pineapple Scrub was underway.

Essential oils, coconut milk and pineapple are mixed together, forming a rich and deep-reaching scrub.

The scrub is rubbed all over the body, with special attention given to pressure-sensitive areas and joints. Fully exfoliated, Patricia prepared the outdoor "Tropical Rain Shower" so I could rinse off.

Warm Stone Heater
hot stone heater for massage

Then, even more attention is given to weak areas on the body. Warm stones are heated and pressed upon high-pressure zones with a light oil to re-hydrate the skin. Not in a hurry, Patricia takes her time, working through each and every zone, from your finger tips to your toes.

The Seaweed Mask
seaweed mask peel

In a near-sedated state, the focus shifts from body to head in the final part of the treatment.

This was the most rewarding part as my face has received its fair share of sun damage.

Cool to the touch, Patricia applies a fresh-scented seaweed paste to your face. Cooling papers cover your eyes.

It is especially refreshing.

As the mask sets, Patricia massages the sides of your neck and scalp.

A much-needed treat for anyone who spends too much time in front of a computer.

Then? The mask peels right off (see photo above), leaving your skin soft and smooth. I laughed as I asked Patricia to take a photo of it.

She smiled, "So many people even take it home!" Professional yet warm, Patricia is a gem. Book her, if you can.

Post-Venus Spa Glow
post-treatment venus spa glow

Following the treatment, Patricia invited me back to the Relaxation Lounge to linger in the post-treatment glow a while longer. I am not quite sure how something so leisurely-paced and relaxing seems to pass by in the blink of an eye. I was glad to slowly re-engage with the real world in the Relaxation Lounge before heading home.

In a private and luxurious environment, Venus Spa over-delivers on its promise to repair and rejuvenate, all with a warm and personal touch.

More on Venus Spa

Summer 2016 Special

venus spa summer special
For more information, call: 264-498-2000

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