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Cheap Anguilla Restaurants...
Uncle Ernie's is THE Place

Uncle Ernie's At A Glance

A cheap beach shack in the middle of Shoal Bay East, Uncle Ernie's was loved for years for its burgers and rum punches.

More on Uncle Ernie's, below...

Of all the ritzy, 5 star, expensive Anguilla restaurants, do you know which eatery is perhaps Anguilla's best known... and loved?

Hint: It's at the end of the road.

Hint: It's your typical, perfect, beachside shack restaurant.

Hint: Burgers and beers won't break a $10 bill.

If you guessed Uncle Ernie's, out on world famous Shoal Bay East Beach, you win! (Collect your free burger and beer next time you visit Ernie -- just tell him Nori sent you. Just kidding.)

Anguilla restaurants

Uncle Ernie's is easy to find. Actually, you can't miss it. It is right smack in the middle of Shoal Bay East.

It's at the dead end of the road that runs down the hill, which bisects the beach. Just park your car, as we did here... and you're there!

Don't you hate it when you go to a restaurant, starving, and have to wait forever-plus-one-hour for your food to arrive? Not at Ernie's. The food is done fast.

And it's delicious. (My dad says that in business "you can't have it fast, cheap and good" -- but he's wrong, at least where Ernie is concerned.)

What do they serve? Mainly your typical beach bar foods... cold pop and beer, Häagen Dazs ice cream, chicken, ribs, fish, hamburgers... even lobster or crayfish when it's available.

I guess you could call Uncle Ernie's "the best little beach restaurant on the best beach in the world." My Dad certainly seems to be enjoying himself...

Anguilla restaurants shoal bay

How could it get any better? You look out over the most beautiful beach in the Caribbean. You chat with interesting, friendly folks from around the world. And after eating well... you step back onto East Shoal, ready to swim, snorkel, or snooze the afternoon away.

Update: Another Bite at Uncle Ernie's

By: Louise Fayet

Uncle Ernie's is a historic gem that resides on the pristine shores of Shoal Bay. Serving up many meals for many years, today, it is still a go-to for a family lunch with friendly service and a casual atmosphere.

Uncle Ernie and his friendly staff back in the day
uncle ernie and his staff at uncle ernie's beach bar on shoal bay, anguilla

Opened by Uncle Ernie himself in 1984, his spot is one of oldest restaurants on Anguilla's beach that's often been called "the Caribbean's best."

Approaching Uncle Ernie's
approaching uncle ernies beach bar on shoal bay, anguilla

A modest beach bar made of wood and painted vibrant purples and greens, Uncle Ernie's set up is reminiscent of Anguilla beach bars from the good old days.

Uncle Ernie's beach bar
inside uncle ernies beach bar

Beach chairs and the water beyond Uncle Ernie's beach bar
view from uncle ernies beach bar of umbrellas and the water of shoal bay, anguilla

Low-key and casual, it offers comfortable seating and a picture-perfect view of the blue seas just a few yards from the building.

The charming bar, rich in
Anguilla culture inside Uncle Ernie's
bar inside uncle ernies beach bar

Cool blue waters waiting for you when you finish lunch!
crystal clear waters of shoal bay, anguilla

Cold, refreshing drinks are served right to your table... and tasty beach eats are not far behind!

Tasty Piña Colada
refreshing piña colada served at uncle ernies

The menu has a wide variety of lunch eats, including a variety of pita pockets, salads, kebobs, burgers and sandwiches.

Uncle Ernie's has long been famous for their cheeseburger. Just $9, it's a great deal!

The Uncle Ernie's Cheeseburger
delicious cheeseburger from uncle ernies

Sauteed potatoes that activate all your taste buds!
creole sauteed potatoes from uncle ernies

Tip: Don't forget to grab a Häagen-Dazs ice cream bar after lunch. It's the sweet finish to a beach-side meal.

After lunch, the beach chairs in front of Uncle Ernie's call your name ($10/day). Soak up the sunshine, sink your toes into the white sand and cool off in the crystal water.

lady floating and soaking up the sun on shoal bay

Uncle Ernie's has been a staple on the shores of Shoal Bay for many decades. Here's to many more laid-back, low-cost lunches with Uncle Ernie's crew on Shoal Bay East!

Directions, Hours & Contact

Directions: Uncle Ernie's is located in the middle of Shoal Bay East.

Uncle Ernie's

Good for burgers and rum punches!

Hours: Open daily for lunch.

Tel: 264-497-3907

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