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Ruthy's Yum Yum

By: Kirmani Honoré

A fun, bite-sized restaurant has opened up in the tiny village of Little Dix. A perfect stop on your way to or from Shoal Bay East, we popped in for lunch to check out the buzz around this little spot.

The Restaurant

While driving through the Little Dix area (on the road to Shoal Bay East), it's hard to miss this charming restaurant. First, its candy-yellows, bright pinks and bold lilacs ensure you do not drive past without at least slowing down to fully take in the colorful explosion.

Where The Magic Happens!
Yumyum restaurant exerior

Second, its size. Tiny, Ruthy's is in no way cramped. They make great use of their open, patio-style dining area with a few casual tables, a mounted fan and a television.

Breezy patio
Inside yumyum

Small and sweet, its hedge of light pink and white hibiscus only add to Ruthy's lovable personality.

hibiscus snapshot

The Food

If you are a fan of soft, floury tortilla wraps, or would like to peruse a wide selection of juicy, flavor-filled burgers and sandwiches, then you will love Ruthy's Yum Yum.

Their towering menu, has a lot to choose from.

  • From lemon-pepper crusted fish sandwiches, to veggie burgers with butter seared garden veggies and caramelized onions (all topped with that special, tasty Yum Yum sauce!).
  • From the jerk chicken salad wrap, to the seafood wrap, or perhaps a choice of lobster, shrimp or fish sautéed in tomato cream sauce?
  • There's even a Ruthy's pizza-dilla wrap, and if you're just looking for a regular pizza, they have that too.

Double yum indeed!

What did we decide on?

Nori went with the steak wrap. Pan seared steak wrapped with lettuce and tomatoes, it comes with a side of your choice of plain, garlic or cracked black pepper fries.

Oozing with the delicious secret sauce, Nori still dreams about this hearty steak wrap.

Floury Perfection
 nori's chicken wrap

Nori's Mom chose the "lemon pepper crushed fish sandwich," with tartar sauce, and caramelized onions. She also chose a side of fries, sprinkled with cracked black pepper.

The bread was toasted, the fish fried to golden perfection. The tartar sauce added an extra savory flavor to every bite.

 yumyum fish sandwich

I settled for the tamarind BBQ chicken sandwich. And I use the word "settle," very loosely! ;-)

The chicken breast was lathered with a sweet and tangy tamarind BBQ sauce. It was unlike anything I've ever tasted.

It's "up-there" on my list of favorite sandwiches in Anguilla. And, for the price, it just can't be beat. The photo does not do it justice!

Yum Yum
 yumyum chicken burger with tamarind sauce

Our Host

Plates finished, while we were leaving we got to meet the owner, Elaine, affectionately known as Ruthy. The restaurant mirrors her warm, friendly spirit.

With "Ruthy" Herself!
Yumyum owner, Elaine

All in all, Ruthy's Yum Yum, as little as it may be, is bursting with personality and flavor!

Update 2016: Ruthy's Yum Yum, a National Landmark

What started as a roadside mom-and-pop restaurant has grown into a national landmark.

Ruthy's Yum Yum
Ruthy's Yum Yum restaurant

Bursting with flavor, and with low prices and friendly service, Ruthy's Yum Yum has figured out the algorithm to quick-and-tasty dining success. Today, visitors and locals alike can't get enough.

Here are some NEW must-try dishes...

1. The Ruthy's Yum Yum Wings.

Sticky, juicy and flavored with a deep, rich, house-made BBQ sauce, the BBQ wings really tickle your tastebuds.

Best BBQ Wings This Side of the Island
Ruthys bbq chicken wings with sauce

You can order them plain, too. Golden-crisp and served with Yum Yum sauce on the side, this is quality, classic fried chicken.

Ruthy's yumyum bbq chicken wings

Crisp, moist and juicy - it hits all the criteria for "Best of the Best" fried chicken. When paired with the Yum Yum sauce? An A+ combination.

Pro tip: For maximum flavor, order the BBQ wings and dip them in the Yum Yum sauce (served on the side). It's life changing!

2. Ruthy's Specials

Seafood paella...

seafood paella

Fresh mussels...

mussels at ruthys yum yum

Stuffed potatoes...

stuffed potato at ruthys

Folks have been going crazy for Ruthy's gourmet specials available at a very affordable price ($7-10)! There's no set schedule for specials, so call ahead to see what they have available that day.

3. Old Favorites

Amidst the excitement of the new dishes at Ruthy's, we always make room for our old favorites...

The Lemon-Pepper Fish Sandwich on toasty bread
Ruthys fish sandwich

And, of course, Ruthy's spicy, spicy steak wrap...

ruthys yum yum steak wrap

Always a treat, Ruthy's dishes never fail to delight.

With new and gourmet offerings and excellent service, it's no surprise to see Ruthy's reach "institution" status here in Anguilla!

New & Gourmet Dishes Served with Friendly & Efficient Service!
Ruthys staff outside the restaurant with louise

Map, Hours & Contact

Directions: Along the road up through Little Dix that heads to Shoal Bay East, can't be missed.

Hours 12pm to 9pm Monday-Friday. 4:30pm to 9pm On Saturdays. Closed on Sundays and public holidays.

Tel: 772-0506 / 729-5530

Ruthy's Yum Yum

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