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Anguilla Flight from the US West

by El

Anguilla flights from the US West are an ordeal.

By the time we leave the house, park and layover, it is around 16 hours leaving on a red eye.

When we arrive on Island, we are totally wiped out and just want to unpack, eat and sleep.

We used to stay at Rendezvous Bay Hotel where Bart van Deventer was the best. Our routine was always the same... land, take a cab to the hotel, unpack and then walk up to Cedar Grove for dinner.

Our last trip to Rendezvous Bay Hotel in 2007 was no different. Bart was always such a pleasure and the rest of our stay a delight.

Nori's Reply:

No doubt about it flying from the US West to Anguilla is a long haul. That many folks do it speaks fathoms of Anguilla.

Look into nonstop flights to either Atlanta, Miami or Charlotte. From there take a non stop to St.Maarten. Contact Carl Thomas' Anguilla Air Services for the final 8 minute hop to Anguilla.

If your flight arrives too late, some people overnight in St. Maarten. Or, book your flights to Anguilla through Puerto Rico. Cape Air now has 2 daily flights from Puerto Rico to Anguilla.

Regarding the old Rendez Vous Bay Hotel, it broke my heart to see this classic close down. Let's hope its replacement gets built soon. Bart van Deventer really is a great guy. We have had drinks with Bart many a time. He is now GM at Malliouhana Hotel where I hear that guests continue to rave about Bart.

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