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Anguilla Guide to Events in November:
The Best of Both Worlds


As the northern hemisphere heads into winter, Anguilla is waking up from its summer slumber. The rainy season is over, the flowers are in bloom, and the temperatures are cooler and perfect.

The Classic Anguilla Vacation Duo
Champagne and Cocktails
Anguilla Beaches - Dinner Cocktails at Sandbar

This is a wonderful time to visit Anguilla, when you can enjoy the best of both worlds: shoulder season rates and the beautiful weather of the peak season.

Anguilla's Re-Opening Hours

The island is still relatively quiet in November, so you can have the beaches and restaurants all to yourself. But you'll also start to see signs of the upcoming high season, with yachts and private jets beginning to arrive.

If you're looking for a relaxing vacation, Anguilla in November is the perfect choice. But if you're looking to party, you'll also find plenty of options, as the island gears up for the holiday peak-season!

Elvis Beach Bar - Sandy Ground’s #1 Bar

The peak season in Anguilla runs from November until late March with many choosing to visit during Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's, Moonsplash, and Easter.

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The slow pace around the island picks back up. Live music starts again and you see more people napping under the umbrellas on Shoal Bay, and strolling on Rendezvous Bay. Anguilla hotels and restaurants that have been closed, re-open ready to welcome you!