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My "Other" Anguilla Photos


Whenever my family and I go on vacation, we take tons of pictures! When we're in Anguilla, we take two tons of Anguilla photos! But they don't all fit neatly into this site. So, I decided to put a page up dedicated to my favorite "other" Anguilla photos! Here they are...

Anguilla photos

We had just stopped in at Foods Ninety-Five, our special local grocery store, to pick up a few things. My sister and I noticed some kittens on the porch outside of the store. We love kittens! They were so tiny, so light and cuddly, we just had to pick them up!

Anguilla photos

Whenever we see a store/restaurant/etc. with one of our names printed on it, we make a point of stopping and taking a photo. What a coincidence that my Dad has the same name as an ice cream shop on Anguilla! Delicious ice cream, too!

Anguilla sailing

Vacation was over. To delay returning to the airport, we took the scenic route (every route's the scenic route). Our car was just coming up to Long Beach Harbour when we noticed a sensational schooner sailing on the perfect, turquoise sea! Of course, my Dad jumped out of the car and took this picture. Imagine living in that house, with a view like that every day!