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Our Anguilla Pool


Now, we are ready for the last step of the building process...

The grand finale...

Our Anguilla pool.

Although there are a couple of little odds and ends that need to be dealt with over the next few weeks this is it! This is the step before we fill the Anguilla pool with water, take out the pool deck furniture (where we've been storing it), and take a load off on one of our comfortable streamer chairs reminiscing about the great experiences we had building this home.

At that time, Mike and the crew will be ready to move on to the next project! They already have another, and are getting ready to begin looking for another one for a couple of other people ready and anxious to start their Anguilla home, just like were!

But back to the story...

Gareth had already come and installed all of the pumps, filters, control boards, and lighting. All that was left was the plastering of the inside of the pool.

But, this is not to be considered a one man job by any means! Gareth came with a small army of men to get it done. This is not something that you can start today and finish in a couple of days. For the best results you have to get the whole pool done the same day! It must be seamless.

The work started in the morning and ended in the afternoon. We went through many bags of Diamond Brite. This is the product that is mixed with water and is applied to the walls and base of the pool. The color we picked for the pool finish was a blue crystal color.

anguilla pool

anguilla pool

Once the plastering is done it is recommended that the pool be filled with water soon after to avoid cracking created by the sun's heat.

Since we plastered the pool on Saturday we wanted to get the water in by Sunday. Joseph at Vanterpool Services was kind enough to open his business on his off day and got his men to deliver 20,000 gallons of water to us!

In it went...

Our Anguilla Pool, Finished!
anguilla pool

anguilla pool

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