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Anguilla Real Estate: The Guide...
Round Rock Bay


Welcome to the popular Round Rock Bay. This shoreline is already dotted with classy Anguilla villas, and more are on the rise. Round Rock Bay shares the same spectacular shore line as Blowing Point and Pelican Bay (to the west) and Little Harbour (to the east). A lot of ocean-front real estate has been bought and developed, but there are still opportunities.

Let's see where we are on the island...

Round Rock Bay

Round Rock Bay makes me think of a less-developed Sea Feather Bay. Here too is "suburban" Anguilla, one high-end villa after another. Here's how it looks from the sea...

The Round Rock Bay Area
round rock bay

The Round Rock Bay area is composed of many smaller beaches like Lockrum Bay, one blending into the next.

All of them gaze out at St. Martin's stunning scenery. And one sensational Anguilla villa after another keeps popping up.

(My Dad once had eyes on some land here, but it was snapped up and built upon. He who hesitates...)

Another picture from our boat tour. Truly a Sea Feather in the making?

Anguilla villas by Round Rock Bay

Take a look a the video below for an idea of Round Rock Bay...

The Round Rock Bay area is ideal if you're looking for something more populated. It includes small beaches like Lockrum Beach and other tiny sandy beaches, all with great views to St. Martin!

Like I said, the beach shares shores with the ever popular Little Harbour and Blowing Point, and soon to be popular, Pelican Bay! I believe that this bay will follow in the footsteps of its neighbors.

The good thing is, it hasn't followed them too much just yet. For there is still Anguilla real estate available! Whether you want something inland, or right out on the rocky ocean front!

How about a look at some possibilites?

Lockrum Beach
caribbean real estate anguilla

Taken from Gibbon's Point... a Perfect Little Beach
caribbean real estate anguilla

Vacant Land in the Gibbons Point Area
caribbean real estate anguilla

Some Beautiful Homes, Too...
caribbean real estate anguilla

Lots of rocky lots available?
caribbean real estate anguilla

Some excellent Caribbean real estate investment opportunities, with magnificent views, rocky waterfront adjoining sandy beach. My dad really likes this area.

The high-end Anguilla villa selection here has grown over the years, too. With a new snazzy highway going right past this formerly hard-to-find area, there is yet more development in this area's future.

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