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Anguilla Real Estate: The Guide...
Shoal Bay West


Welcome to the Shoal Bay East's far-Western cousin, Shoal Bay West.

This is an odd little crescent of white powder. Why "odd?"

It is virtually unknown to tourists and yet has more spectacular abodes, homes to more celebrities than most other parts of the island.

Let's see where we are on the island...

Shoal Bay West

People tend to confuse Anguilla's "world-famous" Shoal Bay East, and its unknown cousin, Shoal Bay West, thinking that they must be side by side.

Even though they have similar names, don't be fooled. They have nothing in common and they are about as far apart geographically as possible (on an island this small)!

Shoal Bay West
Anguilla villas on Shoal Bay West

If I could describe Shoal Bay West in one word, it'd have to be...


To get a feel for Shoal Bay West, watch the video below...

This picturesque, semi-circle beach has four Anguilla villas, three of which are high-end, super-expensive, "celebrity villas."

Shown above are Cove Castles. A Canadian billionaire (Bronfman) lives here.

And Denzel Washington owns this most spectacular unit...

Can You Spot Him
In His Window?
Anguilla villas

And good news (if you can afford it)! Cove Castles rents some of the smaller, still very luxurious units.

Another favorite of the jet set is Altamer, truly magnificent castles in the sand. It is also home to one of Anguilla's five-star restaurants (they have the best "luxury breakfast" on Anguilla!).

Altamer Resort on Anguilla

There is one magnificent privately owned mansion on Shoal Bay West, formerly owned by actor Chuck Norris.

Anguilla villas on Shoal Bay West

It was on the market for a short period before being quickly purchased.

It rented for a while, but is currently off of the rental market.

Staying there must have been a dream!

Can you imagine daydreaming on the terrace, gazing out at the beauty of St. Martin, nestled amongst the Cove Castles and Altamer.

You go for a walk on the beach and...

"Hi Denzel!"

And just in case that's a bit of reach financially, there is one reasonable option on this beach.

Blue Waters on Anguilla
Blue Waters Anguilla

Situated between Cove Castles and Altamer, it's a laid back beach hotel. Their units open right onto the beach, soft sand at your doorstep, and the Caribbean Sea just steps away.

With all of that development, you may have already guessed it...

There aren't many obvious Anguilla real estate opportunities. But, that doesn't mean they don't exist!

The rocky oceanfront to the far west, past Altamer may be a possibility. But, for exact information, it would be best to contact my dad's favorite realtor, Jackie Pascher.

If you're looking for something that gazes out at St. Martin, is pretty far down to the West end, is quiet yet has great restaurants at hand, and has a great beach, then choose this relative of the famous Shoal Bay East... Shoal Bay West!

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