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Anguilla Villa Rentals...
Captain's Bay


The red pin (below) is Captain's Bay. Zoom in on the Anguilla map for more detail.

Captain's Bay

Welcome to my personal favorite beach.

Captain's Bay is a fierce beach. With a deathly strong undertow, I have never set foot in its waters.

But there is something so appealing and attractive about this beach and its beautiful, dark, severe waters.

The east end of Anguilla, in general, is one of the most desolate areas on the island. Many years ago, I could say that Captain's Bay is completely void of homes and residents, but that is no longer true.

There is one luxury Anguilla villa here...

Exclusivity Villa

Anguilla villa rental exclusivity villa anguilla
Photo Credit: Exclusivity Villa

Size: 4 bedrooms

Location: On the rocky cliffside on Captain's Bay Eastern side.

Description: Of all the villas in Anguilla, none is more out of place than Exclusivity. The enormous villa swallows up nearly a third of Captain's Bay's small shores!

But, Exclusivity's exquisite beauty cannot be denied.

It's a breathtaking villa that exudes luxury! Perhaps it is the most luxurious villa on all of Anguilla, having housed the likes of Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston and even Robert De Niro.

The European-inspired Anguilla villa rental has five bedrooms, an "olympic-sized" swimming pool, a private gym, tennis court, and... in case you really need it... a helicopter pad! On top of it all, the villa is furnished in only the finest imported Italian furniture.

Even though Exclusivity Villa may stick out like a sore thumb on Anguilla's east end, there's no disguising its beauty and anyone's desire to spend a couple of weeks in the truly, most luxurious Anguilla villa.

Click here to read about our experience at Exclusivity Villa.

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