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Anguilla Villa Rentals...
Shoal Bay East Villas


The red pin (below) is Shoal Bay East. Zoom in on the Anguilla map for more detail.

Shoal Bay East

When travel magazines refer to Shoal Bay East as the best beach in the Caribbean, most people tend to automatically think of the upper half of Shoal Bay East, forgetting about the lower half.

Both sides of Shoal Bay East are beautiful in their own way.

Along the eastern shores of the beach there are plenty of Anguilla villas, hotels and restaurants. The upper part of the beach is certainly a popular place!

But the lower half, the western half, is just as desirable as its eastern part. It's beautiful and peaceful, with a couple of luxury Anguilla villas, some of the nicest Shoal Bay villas to rent...

Tranquil Tides

tranquil tides anguilla villa rental Photo Credit: Tranquil Tides Villa

Size: 1-4 bedrooms

Location: Cliff-side with a sea view. West of Shoal Bay East. A short drive to the beach.

Description: Tranquil Tides looks out at the open Atlantic Ocean.

Its design maximizes the views with plenty of outdoor living space, a large pool with jacuzzi. The second floor balcony is spacious and partially covered to shade you from the sun.

Inside, there are four large bedrooms, an enormous indoor main living room, dining area and spacious bathrooms. The decor is simple and inspired by the tropics.

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Sand Castle Pointe

sandcastle pointe villa anguillaPhoto Credit: Sand Castle Pointe

Size: 1-4 bedrooms

Location: Cliff-side with a sea view. West of Shoal Bay. A short drive to the beach.

Description: From the design to the location, this villa is luxurious.

Modern in design, and with a European feel, Sandcastle Pointe has state of the art appliances, a large entertainment room (complete with billiard table and croquet) and pool and outdoor living space.

The bedrooms have spectacular ocean views, with large windows gazing out to sea.

The villa captures stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean.

As for service, upon your arrival, a welcome dinner is prepared for you!

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Villa Black Pearl

anguilla villas

Size: 1-4 bedrooms

Location: Direct sandy beach access on the Western half of Shoal Bay East.

Description: Villa Black Pearl located right on the most beautiful beach in the Caribbean. My Mom and Dad spent a wonderful evening here, to get "away" from the stress of home (stress still exists, even living in Anguilla!).

Click here for more on their stay at Anguilla Villa Black Pearl.

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BeachCourt Villa

anguilla villas

Size: 2-8 bedrooms

Location: Direct sandy beach access on the Western half of Shoal Bay East.

Description: This large luxury Anguilla villa is one of our favorites!

My sister, Yuki, and my Dad spent a couple of lovely days at Beach Court villa.

Click here to read about their stay at this Anguilla villa.

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Bellamare Villa

anguilla villa rentals bellamare villa shoal bay(Photo Credit: Bellamare.ai)

Size: 3 bedrooms

Location: A few yards away from Shoal Bay's sandy shores.

Description: Bellamare villa is well-appointed with Caribbean flare.

The villa has plenty of outdoor living space. The rooms are large and breeze, designed for an indoor-outdoor living environment. The outdoor space includes BBQ, quick beach access (less than a 2 minute walk), and a large pool.

Bellamare features 2 master bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms, and a smaller bedroom.

The villa also meets any entertainment needs (DVD/television).

Price: $$$$   —   Return to Villas By Price

Tortue Villa

anguilla villas

Size: 3-4 bedrooms

Location: On the sea rocks overlooking the Eastern part of Shoal Bay East.

Description: Tortue Villa is our family's favorite place to stay on Anguilla!

Tortue offers a villa vacation experience at an affordable price. It is perfect for families traveling with small children, and families traveling together.

The villa is made up of two floors that are separate and self-contained. So, you are afforded privacy from each other.

There is a shared pool. All of the living spaces (inside and outside) are large.

Our tip has always been to snag the top floor unit, as the views here are much more spectacular!

Click to read about our stays at Tortue.

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anguilla villas Photo Credit: Ambrosia Villa

Size: 1-7 bedrooms

Description: When you look at the Sea Rocks that overlook the Eastern side of beautiful Shoal Bay east, you can't help but notice one thing. That rocky shoreline is home to many spectacular "mansions."

Ambrosia is one of these impressive homes, at over 13,000 square feet.

The villa has a view of the stretch of sand that spits out at the end of Shoal Bay, and the azure seas that surround it.

The villa's outdoor living space has been designed to take advantage of these views.

You can reach the sea from the villa (via a deck down by the sea's edge), or just stay in your cool pool.

The villa has 7 bedrooms and plenty of indoor living space and entertainment areas inside. Bedrooms have their own bars and outdroos showers. You can sleep more than 20 people in this villa!

Price: $$$$   —   Return to Villas By Price

Azure Villa

Villa rentals azure

Size: 1-5 bedrooms

Location: Along the sea rocks that look over Shoal Bay's eastern side.

Description: Azure Villa is one of the most impressive villas to grace Shoal Bay East's shoreline.

Five bedrooms, an infinity edge pool, a gourmet kitchen and top of the line entertainment center give Azure Villa extra luxury points, but what makes this villa truly exceptional is its architecture.

Azure Villa is a Meidterranean-inspired, four level villa, with six decks and terraces offering sensational sea-shore views!

There isn't just one thing that makes this Shoal bay villa stand out. From decor, to sheer size, to location and views... it doesn't get better than this Shoal bay villa.

Price: $$$$$   —   Return to Villas By Price

Tranquility Villa

anguilla villas

Size: 2 bedrooms

Location: Located inland from Shoal Bay East.

Description: This two-bedroom villa overlooks spectacular Shoal Bay, and is just a quick walk away from its sandy shores. But the big debate is should I really leave home? With a terrific terrace and swimming pool, "staying in" makes a pretty persuasive argument!

Price: $$$   —   Return to Villas By Price

Romeo Villa

anguilla villas

Size: 5 bedrooms

Location: On the sea rocks overlooking Shoal Bay East (distance view).

Description: Perched high in the cliffs overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, Romeo Villa offers spectacular views and tradewinds that can be enjoyed from its beautiful terrace and swimming pool.

Inside, Romeo Villa has lovely, spacious rooms. There are three bedrooms upstairs and two bedrooms downstairs. The villa can be rented separately, as a three bedroom villa, or as one five bedroom villa.

Price: $$$$$   —   Return to Villas By Price

Patrick's Bay Villa

anguilla villas

Size: 3-4 bedrooms

Location: On the Sea Rocks facing Shoal Bay East's Eastern side.

Description: Patricks Bay Villa is a four bedroom villa that sits high in the jagged cliffs overlooking the Atlantic by Shoal Bay East.

The villa features a kitchen, a large living room, and a terrace gazing out to sea.

It is on the small-ish side and a bit dated, but affordable.

Price: $$   —   Return to Villas By Price

Ultimacy Villa

anguilla villas

Size: 3 bedrooms

Location: Inland between Shoal Bay and Island Harbour.

Description: This villa should be a party villa, or a reunion villa, or a multi-generational family vacation villa, or a business retreat villa.

Why? It's big enough!

It spans over three levels with 3 different living spaces, kitchens, rec room (with juke box), a gym, dining room, many of outdoor dining areas and living areas, and a large pool.

With 8 bedrooms, many of them are different. Some of them can be accessed through the main villa. The larger ones, ones that have their own full kitchens and bathrooms, are more private, accesses by the villa's wrap around decks.

It's located on the sea rocks outside of Shoal Bay. The views are not direct, but you can see Shoal Bay in the distance.

Price: $$$$$$   —   Return to Villas By Price


anguilla villas

Size: 1-5 bedrooms

Location: Inland between Shoal Bay and Island Harbour.

Description: Tamarind villa is an elegant two-story, five-bedroom, villa complete with a full kitchen and swimming pool.

On the upper floor, there are three bedrooms, and a balcony overlooking the pool, gazing out towards the ocean.

On the bottom level, there are the other two bedrooms, and a large, sensational terrace with the large swimming pool and sunning chairs.

Price: $$$   —   Return to Villas By Price

Kiki Villa

Size: 4 bedrooms

Location: Inland.

Description: Newly built and modern, Kiki Villa offers all of the conveniences of home just a 2 minute drive from Shoal Bay East.

The villa is contemporary in feel with beautiful Anguillian accents throughout the home. It is complete with well-manicured gardens, flat screen TVs and a pool with outdoor deck, BBQ and hammock.

Price: $$$$   —   Return to Villas By Price

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