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Barrel Stay...
Back on Sandy Ground With Serious Flavor!


By: Louise Fayet

"Barrel Stay" is a famous name in Anguilla. A well known spot right on the shores of Sandy Ground, the beloved Barrel Stay is BACK with new management and ownership, and a menu rich in flavor.

Welcome to Barrel Stay
Barrel Stay Sandy Ground

After previous owners Graham & Jill decided to retire and return to the UK, Condon Proctor took over the restaurant and has rekindled its flame.

Night Time Scene at Barrel Stay
Barrel Stay Sandy Ground

The calm waves and twinkling lights of rocking boats docked in-shore make for a romantic scene.

View of Sandy Ground
Barrel Stay Sandy Ground

As we sat and admired Sandy Ground before us, our waitress presented us with two menus.

Sushi & Cocktails On Sandy Ground

Evenings at Barrel Stay begin with their signature cocktails.

Banana Cabana & The Island Melon Ball
Barrel Stay Sandy Ground

The "Island Melon Ball" is a mixture of Midori liqueur, rum, banana liqueur, orange juice and pineapple juice, topped with Myers dark rum and garnished with fruit. Prefer blended beverages? The "Banana Cabana" is a concoction of banana, Bailey's, Kahlua rum, cream, cinnamon and nutmeg.

Cocktails in-hand, hunger calls! Separate to their dinner menu, Barrel Stay offers a Bar Menu with an Asian, Caribbean and international section.

The Asian Corner of the bar menu offers a variety of sushi rolls

Let The Good Times Roll!
Sushi at Barrel Stay Sandy Ground

Served with spicy mayonaise, soy sauce or eel sauce, sushi rolls include...

California Roll
California Roll at Barrel Stay Sandy Ground

Veggie & Cream Cheese Roll
Veggie & Cream Cheese Roll at Barrel Stay Sandy Ground

Shrimp Tempura
Shrimp Tempura at Barrel Stay Sandy Ground

Salmon Tempura
Salmon Tempura at Barrel Stay Sandy Ground

Our "must have" on the Asian Bar Menu? Barrel Stay's spring rolls (your choice of vegetable, pork, shrimp and chicken).

Chicken Spring Rolls
Chicken Spring Rolls at Barrel Stay Sandy Ground

Prepared in a specialty frier, the exterior is cooked to perfection. The light, flaky skins have just enough chew and crunch, making it a perfect spring roll. The tamarind dipping sauce is the extra-special cherry on top.

Dinner at Barrel Stay: Main Courses

Barrel Stay's dinner menu begins with a couple of sample platters including the Mediterranean & Caribbean and the Vegetable Antipasto plates. The menu then flows into "Starters," with choices of soups, crab cakes, conch fritters and calamari. Healthy choices of salads include seafood salads, chicken salads and a traditional caesar salad.

When it comes to mains, the seafood selections capture your attention!

Grilled blackened salmon, grilled or blackened snapper and...

Grilled Anguillian Lobster in Creole Sauce
Grilled Anguillian Lobster in Creole Sauce at Barrel Stay Sandy Ground

This lobster is hands down one of the BEST we have ever had. Lobster meat is taken out of the shell, cooked and then placed back into the shell making it oh-so easy to eat. Tender and succulent, the lobster's flavor is equally noteworthy. This lobster is prepared in a rich, savory creole sauce. It is often so difficult to infuse lobster with flavor, but not for Barrel Stay's chef. Chef Junior's talents shine! We instantly fell in love with this dish.

Lobster can also be had with garlic butter.

Grilled Anguillian Lobster in Garlic Butter
Grilled Anguillian Lobster in Garlic Butter at Barrel Stay Sandy Ground

Prepared similarly to the creole lobster, this lobster is tossed in a delicious finger-licking garlic butter sauce. Creole or garlic butter? It is a tough choice!

All lobster dishes are served with a side of seasoned rice and peas and vegetables.

Next on the seafood menu...

Grilled Asian Mahi
Grilled Asian Mahi at Barrel Stay Sandy Ground

A thick piece of fresh Mahi-mahi is covered in a lemongrass and ginger orange sauce. A gentle sauce with slight Asian notes, Chef Junior's sauces are to be commended.

The seafood section ends with grilled crayfish and deep fried coconut shrimp with curry coconut sauce.

On to the "Meats" section. Choices include pork chops with a mushroom cream sauce, grilled sirloin steak with green peppercorn sauce or Condon's favorite...

Stuffed Airline Chicken Breast
Stuffed Airline Chicken Breast at Barrel Stay Sandy Ground

Stuffed with spinach and goat cheese, and bathed in poultry jus, this is one tasty bird. Every bite is perfection! Goat cheese and spinach make for a creamy and decadent filling, beautifully rounded out by the jus. The dish's sides of mashed potatoes and vegetables make it complete!

Stuffed Airline Chicken Breast at Barrel Stay Sandy Ground

The sauces were so outstanding that we had to ask Chef for his secrets at the end of dinner.

Originally from St. Lucia, Chef Junior trained in America and has cooked all over the world. Over the years he has perfected his skills and earned a reputation for his excellent sauces. His passion for Anguilla and his world-class cuisine are a match made in heaven at Barrel Stay.

Big Smiles at Barrel Stay!
Barrel Stay Sandy Ground

A huge congratulations to Chef Junior, Condon and the whole team at Barrel Stay. An iconic and breathtaking location in Anguilla, we couldn't be happier that Barrel Stay is back - and packing impressive flavor. The new Barrel Stay gets an A+ in our books!

Open hours: Monday-Saturday for dinner

Tel: (264) 497-2831