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Bill Cosby Eats At Blanchard's

by David
(New York, NY)

Bill Cosby Dining at Hibernia in Anguilla<br>Photo From: news.ai/web/hibernia

Bill Cosby Dining at Hibernia in Anguilla
Photo From: news.ai/web/hibernia

Two years ago my girlfriend and I were having a wonderful meal at Blanchard's when I heard a very familiar voice. Walking into the restaurant was Bill Cosby and his wife. They had a very leisurely dinner and when they were through Bill made his way through the restaurant, stopping at tables to chat with people.

When he got to our table, my girlfriend said "Don't you just love Anguilla?" and Bill replied:

"This is the most beautiful place on earth".

Nori's Reply: Thank you for sharing this great celebrity sighting, David!

I recently discovered that Bill Cosby also quite enjoys another one of our favorite Anguilla restaurants, Hibernia (we love Blanchards just like Bill too! ;-). I uploaded a photo of him with the gracious owner Mary Pat and kind staff above.

He sure has great taste!

He makes an effort to visit the whole island from East to West, too. So many people tend to stay in the West End of Anguilla where there is a concentration of high-end hotels and restaurants, and neglect the Eastern end of the island.

But, not Bill Cosby!

Hibernia and Scilly Cay are proof of that. Apparently, he visits Scilly Cay often for lunch.

He sounds so kind and sweet from your encounter, David. I would love to meet him. Thank you again for sharing!

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Apr 30, 2017
Dial It Back
by: Anonymous

Sorry, but this one's got to go.

Jul 15, 2016
Keep Cosby away from Anguilla
by: John

I wonder who Bill Cosby was drugging and getting after in Anguilla. He's one sick man.

Dec 13, 2007
My Dad Would Have Loved To Meet Him
by: Nori

It's amazing who you see on Anguilla. From JayZ and Beyonce to "the ultimate TV-dad of the last millennium," you can run into just about anyone here.

My Dad tells me they are increasing the parking lot for the private jets at the airport. There was no room to park them all this past Thanksgiving! That should mean lots more great celebrity stories! And Mr. Cosby was right, David...

Anguilla is is the most beautiful place on earth!

A great story! :-)


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