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Living In Anguilla On A Pension

by Joseph
(Ottawa, Canada)

Can a family of 5 live in anguilla on a pension, say $CDN 2500 per month with other income pending?

What is the lowest rental per month plus living expenses?

Ken's ReplyIt is certainly possible to live in Anguilla on that amount, thanks to the absence of income tax (aside from the 3% Temporary Stabilization Levy) and low property taxes. Residential rents have also come down substantially post-Recession.

It costs $1000-$1500/month, minimum, for a reasonable 2-3BR apartment, but only you can decide if "reasonable" meets what you want, Joseph. It will take a fair amount of personal investigation and negotiation to secure that.

Consider, too, the cost of essentials such as groceries, gas and utilities. They are higher than on mainland North America due to import duties and the shipping costs to our tiny island.

There are too many unknowns to actually recommend living in Anguilla for you and your family, personally, Joseph, since you do not make the desired standard of living clear. But yes, it can be done...

That is assuming you seek a frugal lifestyle, living inland (i.e., not oceanfront) in a 3 bedroom apartment (see Anguilla apartments) or home (more expensive). Establishing non-residency, though, is critical. Tax-free income stretches the budget considerably.

Because you are Canadian, you should be able to receive your pension tax-free here once you establish non-Canadian residency. This is true for most countries (except for the U.S. and one or two other nations). It does, though, require the help of a tax attorney who is familiar with the process.

Even Americans, if they arrange their affairs correctly, should be able to have the first $80,000 or so (I am not sure of the exact amount) exempted from income tax in their home countries. But do check that out with your local attorney.

Your application for residency in Anguilla must be accepted by local authorities, of course. The basic requirements...

You must have a reasonable net worth and a somewhat higher income when you submit financial documents. So if your "other income" is at least another $2500/month and your financials show some reasonable net worth, then it might start to work.

I suggest coming down here and spending a week at Carimar, which is perhaps the best-priced deal on a world-class beach.

Make it a working vacation, while living as cheaply as possible. Check out apartments and schools, the price of groceries, etc. Meet people and ask questions. If you do that, you should be able to establish a currently realistic budget.

My feeling, based on your base income of $2500/month (and not knowing how much extra is "pending") is that you might be better off searching out lower cost countries such as Panama or Ecuador. Panama has a special program for retirees (you must be over 50 years old) which may make it more appropriate.

Hope this helps,

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Apr 07, 2017
Extended Stay in Anguilla
by: Nori

Yes, you're in luck, Jane. The current government recently changed the rules. It's an excellent move since it encourages new home ownership and those who already have a home to "come on down!"

If you own a home here, go to Immigration and they'll tell you how to proceed from there. I hope you love it as much as we do!

Apr 07, 2017
Moving Permanently
by: Jane Anon

Can you shed some light on living on the island year round as a citizen of the US? Do we need to obtain extended stay visas, etc.? We own a home on the island but have only spent a few weeks per year there. We plan to retire soon and want to ditch our place up north.

Jan 31, 2015
Yes, you can find very low rents
by: Nori

Yes, Jane, you are right. As pointed out elsewhere, one can certainly rent cheaply in Anguilla. Before covering that, let's put this into perspective. As in most tourist islands, there are "two Anguilla's"...

1) "The Tourist Anguilla"

Most visitors to Anguilla want to be on the beach, have room service and/or at least the service and feeling of a hotel or the privcay of a villla. The "tourist Anguilla" generally ranges from $250/night to $30,000/night (not a typo!).

However, places like Lloyd's Bed & Breakfast are excellent value, a little over $100/night. So there is even a reasonably priced tourist level. Want to go even lower priced?

You can also, if you dig around, find apartments with vacancies. The owners might rent by the week, more likely by the month for $500/month or so. You may find one in the "Apartments" section of this website. Availability can be, though, fluid and "one-of," so I'll cover how else you might find an apartment in the next section.

2) "Anguilla for those who live locally"

Tourism has raised the Anguillian standard of living substantially, but international tourists are generally not looking to "live locally." However, for those who really want to travel and experience the local culture, you can almost surely find families who would rent a room and feed you, as you mention.

If this should interest anyone reading this, or if the apartment suggestion above sounds interesting, I suggest placing an ad in "The Anguillian" newspaper (printed version).

Unless you have a friend here who can do on-the-ground legwork for you, this would be the most likely way that you and an Anguillian who is interested in earning some income and meeting you might come to a meeting of the mind and (frugal) pocketbook.

With warm regards and thank you for raising this,

Jan 30, 2015
Cheaper Rents
by: Jane

Are there cheaper rents in Anguilla? If so do post them.

I beleive that one can rent a basic room in someone's private house and pay less the $40 a night. Anguilla is not all upscale as it is made out to be.

There are real bargains, if you search at the right place.When I do come to Anguilla, I will be staying with a Christian familly for less then $40 a night with $5 per meals.

Let the rich spend spend and spend some more.

Living frugal is not living cheap. It means that you can strech that dollar just that much more.

Best regards,

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Budget For Living In Anguilla

by Nir

Hello !!!

My wife and myself want to take a 2 years break from our normal life. What is the monthly budget needed for 2 of us to live there?

Thanks in advance,

Reply from Dad: That all depends... The range of possibilities is near-infinite. How much money do you have? ;-)

That said, Anguilla is not a cheap place to live. I have always thought it would be a wonderful, safe place for folks on a budget to come for a few months during winter, if they already had an outside employer and work from their laptops. Extend your visitor's stay month by month, be warm and by the beach.

I would love to see Anguilla turn this concept into an official program. It's something I talk about often, since there are tax advantages to officially living here that significiantly outweigh the higher costs of living (due to high duties).

Still, you can do it on a low budget...

You can spend as little as $500/month for an apartment, if you have good Anguillian friends who can help you get "the local rate." Like anywhere in the world, expect to face higher price requests otherwise. Right now, there is a glut of apartments and it's a "renter's market."

On average for the types of Anguilla apartments that Nori describe, expect to pay in the ballpark of $1500/month.

Groceries will likely cost an adult couple about $500-600/month. Gas is about $6-7/US gallon, so drive a gas-efficient car.

There are loads of great, cheap restaurants, as well as all kinds of music at bars and restaurants.

As for what to do in Anguilla, the beaches and snorkeling and hiking are all free.

Hope this gives you some sort of idea!

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Jul 27, 2017

by: Nori

Nori's Reply: RE "flip side" -- There are a number of factors that come into play and need to be set up. Once things are in place (ex., residency, etc.), however, I do not believe that British citizens continue to pay UK taxes if they spend more than 6 months outside of the UK (i.e. their permanent residency is in Anguilla). They would fall under the Anguilla tax laws. The US tax law, however, is more complicated and you would likely still owe American taxes, depending on your situation (retired, etc.). If you are considering relocating, Eustella Fontaine would be the best to contact for precise legal advice. Keep me posted with any questions :-)

Jul 26, 2017
flip side
by: Anonymous

What are the ramifications for high net worth individuals who wish to relocate? Do we have to apply for British citizenship and pay US and British taxes?

Apr 26, 2014
Budget for Living In Anguilla
by: Paul

I am a British and Canadian Citizen looking for a beautiful place my wife and I can retire to. Could we comfortably retire in Anguilla with $5k a month? Looking for options. Is there work available?

I am a British and Canadian Citizen looking for a beautiful place my wife and I can retire to. Could we comfortably retire in Anguilla with $5k a month? Looking for options. Is there work available?

Reply from Ken: Regarding work being available, that depends on your skill set. Basically, as in other countries, if an Anguillian can do a job, it goes to the citizen. There are loads of info about working in Anguilla -- start here and then poke around for much more.

I have addressed what it costs to live in Anguilla on this page a few times now, but all of my replies were brief highlights. People seem to want more detail.

So I have written up a new page with a more complete answer. This "Anguilla living budget" covers all the basics. I hope it helps!

If you won't be working, you'll need to show that you have the means to support yourself. The process of being allowed to live here is explained elsewhere in this section of the website.

Good luck, Paul! If you happen to see me on a beach, say hi and buy me a rum punch! :-)

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Currency Used In Anguilla, Cost Of Living

by Chris
(Montego Bay, Jamaica)

Hi there,

I find your site very informative.

I am currently on contract in Jamaica. It is a beautiful place but I'm exploring all the options that catch my eye about living in the Caribbean.

Are the prices quoted all over the site in US$ or EC$?


Nori's Reply: Chris, that question is always an interesting one. When someone asks that, it is sometimes a subtle way of joking (or sometimes not joking!) that the price for something is so high that you start wondering if it's given in EC$, since there are 2.68 Eastern Caribbean Dollars to the USD.

In the island of the $100,000 per week villas, it comes as no surprise though, that you might wonder if those prices are in USD.

Yes, the prices on this site are all in USD. Just to continue the thought above (cost of living)...

Anguilla itself deals in the US Dollar and the EC Dollar. It accepts both, with equal ease.

Interestingly, everyone here takes USD and no one tries to make a buck (so to speak) off the currency exchange. If you buy in USD, you may get some EC back in change, but they calculate it at 2.68, the actual fixed exchange rate.

In fact, while Anguilla has a reputation as a 5-star tourist island with 5-star expenses, you really do get what you pay for as a visitor. The luxury hotels and restaurants are world-class.

If you come to live, though, you can live quite cheaply especially since there is no income tax here. A nice apartment rents for $1500-$2000. Anguilla groceries are definitely more expensive, but not insanely so. You can eat well and cheaply at local restaurants. The cost of most services (mechanics, etc.) are significantly less than in the U.S.

All in all, don't worry. While the prices for some of the high-end luxury hotels and villas seem expensive, the cost to live in Anguilla is reasonable.

And for those who live in places like Canada, Germany, France, not only do you escape the winter (the #1 prize!), my Dad says you save so much in taxes that any differences in the cost of living are insignificant.

Mostly, though, my parents are really happy living in Anguilla because of the people, the vibe and the safety. I know this may sound strange for someone living in Jamaica, but you can go anywhere on the island at any time, and not worry.

Hope this helps, Chris. I know it's more than what you seemed to be asking. But I know what that "is this in EC$" question can sometimes mean. ;-)

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How Much Must You Earn To Live In Anguilla?

by Mike

I'm planning on moving to Anguilla, or I at least dream of it. I earn around 150K per year on my online-based business. Is this enough do you think?


Dad's Reply: There are many factors that Anguilla looks at, Mike. Assuming you have a clean police record, business that is stable or growing over several years, a strong net worth, etc., you should have a good chance for a successful application. If you are building a home, even better.

But every case is different, Mike.

Invest an hour or two with our Anguilla attorney, Anguilla attorney -- she's very thorough and will set you in the right direction.

Hope that helps,

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Nov 16, 2013
Teaching Position
by: Anonymous

Is it worth taking a teaching job with an international school here and moving my family of 6 to Anguilla. I have 4 children and husband. What is the cost of living like and what can you say about their primary and secondary schools?

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Cost of Living Anguilla

by Lorenzo

I have read with interest your web site and have been thinking for a while about moving to a "paradise island". One thing I was trying to understand better is the cost of living in Anguilla.

I have seen your review about the Klasher Apartments and they look very nice. On the other hand the price you mention is per-day and with service, maid etc.. so it looks like they are more geared toward vacations rather than living abroad.

I was more looking for a standard, long term, yearly rent type of apartment, just like the type one would rent in a "not so paradise" place. Could you give me an idea of how much that would cost?

Thanks a lot,

Ken's Reply: There are many units available now with 2-3 bedrooms, inland and not on the sea (in other words, non-tourist type accommodations), very nice, recently built, clean, etc. Nori's going to be putting up a page about one, 4 units of nice quality built by a friend.

Great view of the sea and St. Martin. Plasma screens, etc. The rent?

$2,000 per month! Prices have come down since the recession.

Also, Lorenzo, I'm 95% sure if you asked Karlyn at Klasher what an annual rent would be, she'd be open to that arrangement.

Groceries are more expensive due to the duties. A used car from Japan can be bought quite cheaply. There are lots of good, cheap, non-touristy restaurants.

All in all, the cost of living in Anguilla is extremely reasonable once you factor in zero income tax and near-zero property tax.

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Mar 16, 2015
OR Nurse in Anguilla
by: Nori

Salaries are generally pretty low here, but I don't know how much an OR nurse makes. Based on other salaries, it is most likely under USD $30,000 for an experience OR nurse, but that's just a guess.

If someone from the hospital happens to see this, please let us know?

Good luck!

Mar 16, 2015
Licensed Nurse
by: From South America


I would like to know how much does a nurse specialist earn per month in Anguilla. I am an operating room nurse, working here in South America.

One of the facilities in Anguilla offered me a job, but we are not yet in the salary part. So I wanted to have an idea regarding how much is the average salary of a specialty nurse in anguilla?

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