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Ocean Lounge...
A Beach-Front Favorite in Philipsburg


By: Louise Fayet

Holland House was one of the first hotels built in St. Maarten. Perfectly placed in the middle of popular Philipsburg, it is one of the island's "top spots," famous for its views under their blossoming bougainvillea tree...

Hello, Holland House!
Holland House

Holland House's restaurant, Ocean Lounge faces Great Bay, a huge beach always busy with beach goers and ocean sports.

On a visit to Philipsburg, whether you are shopping or beaching, this restaurant is a go-to for a delicious lunch or cocktail break.

The restaurant boasts plenty of seating options - out on the beach, terrace, bar or in their open-air dining room.

Holland House

When it comes to cocktails? These are my top 3 at Ocean Lounge...

Lychee Martini & Pina Colada
Lychee Martini & Pina Colada at Holland House

Mango Colada
Mango Colada at Holland House

Cool and refreshing, these drinks sure help beat the St. Maarten heat! Colada in hand, it's time to check out the menu...

Lunch at Ocean Lounge

The menu opens with a selection of starters. First Up? Their "Offering Salad Bowls" make for an excellent plate to share between two-three people.

Next, assorted breads, crispy wontons with avocado and stone crab, smoked salmon, thinly sliced roasted veal, pan seared Argentinian shrimp, tuna carpaccio and...

Tuna Tataki
Tuna Tataki at Holland House

Thick slices of tuna are glazed with a sweet Tomasu soy sauce and paired with wasabi mayo. The tuna is served with a sesame wakame salad.

More seafood favorites from the appetizers...

Lump Crab Cake
Crab Cake at Holland House

Pacific Bay crab meat is served in crispy bite sized cups and topped with micro greens and spicy mango chipotle aioli. These cups of goodness are addictively delicious.

Pan-Seared Shrimp
Shrimp at Holland House

Pan seared shrimp is served a-top guacamole and a jalapeño-pineapple salsa. The combinations of flavors always blows our minds! They are shrimply the best of the appetizers ;-)

Up next, a favorite for any cheese lover...

Burrata at Holland House

A ball of Burrata cheese is paired with a cherry tomato confit, pesto sauce and a balsamic vinegar reduction. The dish is garnished with toasted pine nuts and shaved parmesan cheese.

The menu then flows into the main dishes.

Entrées include a smoked salmon avocado sandwich, spinach ricotta ravioli, grilled salmon, chicken sate and...

Sashimi Tuna Sandwich
Sashimi Tuna Sandwich at Holland House

Thinly shaved slices of tuna are layered on farmers bread and dressed in a wasabi mayo and soy glaze. This open faced sandwich is also served with wakame.

Now, the STAR of the show. This dish is hands down our favorite on the menu at Ocean Lounge.

Holland House Burger
Holland House burger

This massive burger is topped with melted cheddar jack cheese, lettuce, onion, tomato and a special sauce. You can also add foie gras or guacamole to your burger. Sides include coleslaw and crispy French fries.

There are no words that can do this dish justice. It is just that delicious. Juicy and flavorful, this burger is perfect in every way. It never fails to satisy!

And, if you are a vegetarian? Ocean Lounge has your back.

Black Bean Burger
Black Bean Burger at Holland House

Their black bean burger is equally tasty and filling!

Burger Heaven
burgers at Holland House

If you have space, Ocean Lounge offers a dessert menu... AKA our favorite part of every menu.

Choose from their mixed berry sundae, warm fudge chocolate brownie, cheese cake with mixed berry sauce, chocolate lava cake or...

Bailey's Crème Brule
Creme Brûlée at Holland House

A classic custard brule with hints of Bailey's and dollops of cream, it is all finished with crispy sugar.

Apple Tart Tatin
Apple Tart at Holland House

This caramelized apple tart is served with vanilla ice cream and luscious whipped cream. This is our favorite way to finish lunch!

Also up for grabs is a variety of ice cream and sorbet. Choices include vanilla, chocolate, salted caramel, coffee, mango, raspberry and lemon.

Ocean Lounge has become a regular "must-do" for us when we visit Sint Maarten. With each visit the food gets better and better!

Holland House

Add in its location right on the Philipsburg board walk, its views of Great Bay and those photo-ready bougainvillea...

Holland House

... and you have THE recipe for a perfect beach-front lunch in St. Maarten!

Hours & Contact

    Hours (Open Daily):
  • 7am-10am for breakfast (hotel guests only)
  • 12pm-4pm for lunch
  • 12pm-10pm for finger foods
  • 6pm-10pm for dinner

Tel & Email: (+1-721)542-2572 or oceanlounge@hollandhousehotel.com