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Anguilla Restaurant On Wheels
Dining A Go-Go!

Hungry's At A Glance

Pastas, soups, quesadillas, Hungry's does them all exceptionally well, for cheap and quickly, too! It is one of our spots for take-out. Irad and Papi, the owners, are two kind souls, too. It's always a pleasure chit-chatting with them as we wait for our favorite shrimp pasta and shrimp quesadillas.

More on Hungry's, below...

It was another warm, sunny, I-could-live-here-for-the-rest-of-my-life, day in Anguilla. Mid-day... we were hot and hungry... and loving it.

And looking for a new Anguilla restaurant!

We were driving through Anguilla's capital, the Valley -- don't blink or you'll miss it. Suddenly, at the side of the road near the Post Office and the Land and Surveys office, we spotted...

Anguilla dining

Hungry's Good Food?

Well, it certainly sounded promising!

We definitely were hungry, and we desired good food.

We usually notice things just as we're about to pass them and this was no exception. Our car screeched to a halt, did a slight u-turn, and we climbed out ready for a tasty lunch.

But wait, this was no ordinary Anguilla restaurant. This was actually a diner-in-a-truck.

And to our greater surprise, we saw our pals Irad and Papi standing behind the counter of Hungry's.

The kings of divine Anguilla dining were back with a new concept! We knew we were in for a treat!

Meals on Wheels
Anguilla dining with Irad and Papi

anguilla card emblem

We swapped stories and caught up on all the news as we took a gander at the menu...

There was so much to chose from!

But Papi made it easy. "Stick with the quesadillas for lunch," he advised.

Who would know better than the stupendous, former Cap Juluca sous-chef himself?

Anguilla menu

So we ordered two lobster (my parents) and two chicken (Yuki and me) quesadillas. My parents loved the lobster, saying they would both be back for another tomorrow. As for me?

Anguilla dining

The perfect blend of warm cheese, fresh vegetables, and chicken, enveloped in a lightly toasted tortilla. My tastebuds were exploding!

This was the only Anguilla restaurant that we ate at three times during this trip. We normally like to try different places. Yuki and I both agreed that the quesadillas are Irad and Papi's forte, but my Mom and Dad also fell in love with the "supper meals".

According to them the "real Anguilla dining" of seafood and goat dishes was unbeatable. So try Papi's goat stew and/or the shrimp creole. "It's out of this world," my Mom claims. "And the price is a steal," adds my Dad. The dishes come with scalloped potatoes, mixed vegetables and rice and peas.

Do try this Anguilla restaurant on wheels. You can't miss the flashy van as you drive through the Valley. And you'll always spot a few Anguillians around the truck... a sure sign of a hit!

Update: Still Hungry For Hungry's!

Years after Hungry's first opened, the colorful food van is still dishing out food with speed and flavor!

Hanging With Irad at Hungry's
cassie and chef at the hungrys good food van, anguilla

What began as a food truck serving simple soups, quesadillas and select salads has grown into a full blown menu with something for everyone. All types of salads and pastas are now available, including salmon, roast beef and lobster pastas.

Tempted by the oh-so-creamy pastas, Cassie went with a chicken pasta and I went with a Hungry's classic, the vegetable quesadilla. Orders placed, we chatted with the every friendly Irad. Armed with a smile and a quick joke, it's always a pleasure to see Irad.

Menu at Hungry's Good Food van
menu at the Hungrys Good food van, anguilla

Chef Papi's piping hot food took less than 10 minutes to reach to us! Hungry's is one of those few places that ticks all three boxes: it's a go-to for fast, good and cheap eats.

cassie enjoying her chicken pasta from hungrys

We opened the warm containers and sat on the benches that sit adjacent to the vibrant van.

First bite? Pasta delight!

Cassie enjoying her creamy chicken and vegetable pasta
cassie enjoying her chicken pasta from hungrys

As for the quesadillas? Excellent, as always.

Warm cheesy and vegetable quesadilla
vegetable quesadilla from hungrys good food van

Hungry's is now open 'til 10pm, making it a perfect stop before a night out.

Directions, Hours & Contact

Directions: Hungry's is located right next to Vallely Bistro, opposite St. Gerard's church as you approach The Valley from the airport.


Good for quick pastas, quesadillas and soups.

Hours: Weekdays and Saturday, all day starting at lunch.

Tel: 264-235-8907

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