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Gwen's NEW Reggae Grill...
Moved & Improved!

By: Kirmani Honoré

Over the years, the eastern side of the ever-popular Shoal Bay East has taken a beating from the rising tides.

No one was affected more than Gwen, the owner of Gwen's Reggae Grill, a true institution on Shoal Bay's east side. The sand on which her restaurant stood had been gradually sucked out from underneath for years.

Palm trees falling into the sand, beach space at a minimum, it was a matter of time before Gwen would have to close or relocate. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief when she announced that she would be relocating and not closing her doors for good.

Gwen's, Re-Located!
lunch at the new gwen's

It was time to check out her new spot on the beach...

Gwen's Relocation

Still on Shoal Bay East, Gwen's is now located on the western half of the beach.

Drive as if you are heading to Tropical Sunset. Don't turn down to Tropical Sunset, though. Continue on that road until you see Gwen's familiar sign. Then, follow that turn off.

The Blue At The End of the Road
road down to gwens

After a long trek down a pretty steep hill, there it is... the site for the new Gwen's Reggae Bar and Grill!

new gwens site

New Location, Same Great Taste!

To say that Gwen's Reggae Grill is popular and loyally-loved is putting it lightly. Gwen's is perhaps one of the most visited beach bars on Shoal Bay East, and even all of Anguilla.

The question on my mind was "would the new Gwen's feel the same as the old one we loved so dearly?"

Gwen Showing me to my Table on the Beach
tables at gwens

Greeted with smiles and laughter, Gwen quickly answered that question!

We chatted about the new location, the menu and what to expect in the coming months.

As we talked, Gwen's master-chef prepared a hot plate of BBQ chicken, with rice, pasta salad and coleslaw. Gwen explained that the menu choices are few right now, but that they will be expanding the menu as they grow their new restaurant.

Lunch at the New Gwen's!
chicken at gwens

The food they do have? BBQ at its best!

The chicken was loaded with that freshly grilled, smokey BBQ flavor. The coleslaw had the right amount of sweetness. The rice & peas and pasta salad were just as I remembered, too. And, the meal was nicely rounded out by fresh, crisp salad.

chicken and rice and peas close up at gwens

Terrific Anguillian BBQ, served just inches from the beach under huge shady umbrellas!

Only in Anguilla!
gwens setting

Plans for Gwens

The plans to build a new beach restaurant are underway. This restaurant will be bigger and better and span a sizable area.

Oh, It's Going To Be Good!
construction site at gwens

The menu choices will also be upped once the new dining area is complete.

One Love!

Until then, enjoy rum punches and BBQ right on the sands of Shoal Bay East in the company of warm and friendly, Gwen. Be sure to drop by Sundays too, to catch everyone's favorite, the Scratch Band.

See below for exact location.


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