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Anguilla Guide to June :
Summer Begins...
Aurora's Anguilla Open & Boat Racing


Come June, Anguillians start settling in for summery weather.
June 1st marks the official start to Hurricane Season and with that comes more tropical temperatures. You can expect a few passing showers, but who doesn't love a cooling sun-shower? Especially when it brings a rainbow!

More often than not, June is bright and beautiful, with warmer temperatures but lots of sunshine.

That brings me to my favorite part of June in Anguilla...

The Best Anguilla Beaches

The water is almost always warm and still, and you have beaches virtually to yourself...

June is a quiet month, peppered with a few fun Anguilla activities...

The Anguilla Open

Held yearly, Aurora's Anguilla Open has become a widely attended event played by golfers from the United States, Canada, Europe and around the Caribbean.

The Anguilla Open is Held on Aurora's 18-Hole World Class Golf Course
Anguilla Aurora Golf Resort and Spa

The Anguilla Open is a wonderful way to take your shot at a prestigious national title.

More on Anguilla golf here.

Anguilla's June Boat Racing Events

Boatracing is truly at the center of Anguilla's festival spirit. It's Anguilla's national sport and many holidays revolve around this cultural past time.

Boat Racing Excitement at Meads Bay
Anguilla Beaches - Boat Racing at Meads Bay

June is chalk-full of these events. The Anguilla Boat Racing Association (ABRA) oversees the organization of some of the larger boat racing events. The most popular boat races that occur in June are:

  • The ABRA B-Class Races
  • The Albert "Belto" Hughes Memorial A-Class Races
  • The ABRA Kings Day A-Class Races

Picture this... glassy, still water and boat races... sounds like an eye-pleasing time to be in Anguilla? It is!

Anguilla Early Summer Specials

Summer fun doesn't end there!

By June, all Anguilla hotels and Anguilla villas have their low-season prices in effect. These prices are generally much more affordable than those of the high-season.

Additionally, many hotels and villas run extra summer promotions, resulting in even more savings!

The Anguilla Great House offers a Cost Effective Way
To Enjoy the Summer in Anguilla Anguilla Beaches - Anguilla Great House
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If you are considering a trip to Anguilla and are looking at June, expect to have...

  • Beaches all to yourself
  • Restaurants are all open
  • Nice warm weather with blue skies and calm seas

The weather and scenery combined with the deals on accommodations make Anguilla one of the best places to visit in the summer!