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Anguilla Guide to Events in July:
The Start of Anguilla's Carnival


Summer in Anguilla is known as the "slow season," or the "off season." (For more information on traveling to Anguilla in the off season click here.) The weather is warm, the water is warmer, the pace on the island is ultra-calm.

For most of July, the island is peaceful and fairly quiet (especially compared to the hustle and bustle of the Holiday season!).

But it's not all that quiet. In fact, during this time, the island has one of its largest festivals, Anguilla Carnival! And it all kicks off at the end of July. Here is an Anguilla guide to the must-see attractions...

Most commonly referred to as, "Carnival", Angulla's carnival is also known as Anguilla Summer Festival. The Anguilla Summer Festival is a week of many activities including concerts, pageants, Parade of Troupes, Jouvert Monday, and boatracing. Carnival itself is a celebration of emancipation and was initially acknowledged with a boatracing celebration in Anguilla as early as 1940.

Anguilla Carnival Grows Each Year...

Click here for the most up to date Carnival schedule.

Some might argue that the big day is of course, Jouvert Monday, also known as August Monday. August Monday is always the first Monday in August. But more on that in the Anguilla guide to events in August...

This year, Anguilla Carnival starts in July with Anguilla Summer Festival Opening Ceremony taking place at the Landsome Bowl in The Valley around 7:30pm on July 30th. The event starts with fireworks and is followed by the LIME Soca Monarch Competition on July 31st.

Directions Tip: For those who have not heard of the Landsome Bowl, it is a venue with a stage, bench-style seating, and plenty of perimeter space for food stalls to be set up. You can't miss it if you drive west on Coronation (toward DaVida) from the roundabout in The Valley. As you near the beautiful, large mahogany trees on Coronation, look left through the field. The Landsome Bowl is hot-pink, so you can't miss it! It sits across from the small roundabout next to Ashley & Sons Grocery in The Valley. Many of the evening events for Summer Festival are held at the Landsome Bowl which sits on historic land, but that's a story for another time.

Additionally, there is the Calypso Semi-Finals, Calypso-Fest and the Miss Anguilla Swimsuit Competition and Pageant earlier in the month.

Of course, Anguilla Carnival is not the only Anguilla events on July's calendar.

One of the big non-Carnival events is the Annual Miss Tiny Tot Pageant held earlier in July at the Landsome Bowl in The Valley.

Another island event that takes place prior to Summer Festival kick-off is the John T Memorial Cycling Race. If you have driven around Anguilla, you already know that this is an island for cyclists (flat and without many big hills), and we all graciously share the road. ;-)

That wraps up Anguilla events in July!

Click here for the most up to date list of Carnival events.