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Anguilla Guide to July :
The Start of Anguilla's Carnival


Summers in Anguilla are part of the "slow season" or "off season." This time of year brings warm weather, even warmer waters, and an ultra-relaxed island pace.

Throughout most of July, tranquility blankets the island, offering a stark contrast to the bustling high season. However, it's not completely calm and quiet. July marks the beginning of one of the island's grandest events, Anguilla Carnival.

All About Anguilla Carnival

Most commonly referred to as, "Carnival", it is also known as Anguilla Summer Festival. Carnival itself is a celebration of emancipation and was initially acknowledged with a boatracing celebration in Anguilla as early as 1940.

Today Carnival has grown to involve almost a month's worth of activities happening back-to-back! Starting in late July, Carnival quickly injects Anguilla's party scene with fervor and energy.

Here's a list of all the Carnival events in July :

  • Miss Tiny Tott Pageant
  • Home Grown Street Poker
  • Village Food Festival
  • Miss Anguilla Swimsuit Competition
  • Prince & Princess Competition
  • Peter Perkings A Class Boat Race
  • Talented Teen Competition

Click here for the most up to date list of Carnival events.

Many say that the biggest day of Carnival is of course, Jouvert Monday, also known as August Monday. August Monday is always the first Monday in August. But more on that in the Anguilla guide to events in August...

And that wraps up Anguilla events in July!