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Anguilla Holiday...
Stonehenge: Another Phenomenon


Not long ago, my family and I ventured across the Atlantic Ocean (AKA "the pond") to England. This was a "first" for my sister, Yuki and me. However...

In a sense, we had indeed been to England in that an "Anguilla holiday" is a trip to a British colony.

Still, London was a dream come true...

The black taxicabs (loads of room and the smartest cabbies in the world)... the quaint, red telephone booths... the double decker busses, Harrod's, Fortnum & Mason, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Peter Pan in Kensington Park... Ahhhh...

And, of course, the Queen's English is so different. Not just their accents (do they have the accent or do we?), and not just how well they speak, but the different meaning of the words themselves...

"Brilliant!" = Amazing, cool, great.

"Jumper" = Sweater.

"Mobile" = Cell phone.

And did you know that the British never take "vacations?" No, if one of Her Majesty's subjects was going to my favorite British colony in the Caribbean, he or she wouldn't say, "I'm going on an Anguilla vacation." Instead, it would be...

"I'm taking an Anguilla holiday."

The British take holidays, not vacations. ;-)

After returning home, I thought I would dedicate a page to those who take "Anguilla holidays." After all, Anguilla does have a substantial community of British ex-pats. And many English do "hop the pond" for some fish 'n chips under this Caribbean sun...

So, to feel at home, for the English who take an Anguilla holiday, may I recommend a visit to Stonehenge?

No, not the impressive, enigmatic circle of massive bluestones that stand so tall and proud on the Salisbury Plain. Instead, visit Anguilla's Stonehenge on Rendezvous Bay. Discovered and nicknamed by Anguilla-Beaches.com reader Steve Cohen years ago, it changes from year to year, as this update shows.

And recently, we discovered "Stonehenge II." Only an Anguilla holiday can boast two Stonehenge's.

On a spit of rocky seaside just east of Ocean Terrace Condos, you will find the other "Stonehenge!"...

Anguilla Stonehenge

Of course, it does not compare in magnitude to the great Stonehenge of the U.K., but there's a certain beauty to these stone arrangements by the sea, left behind by others who find this special spot.



Visitors build their very own masterpieces. More visitors come, observe and admire them, and are inspired to add their own creations!

And, of course, we left one behind for future visitors to find. Leave a bit of yourself behind, too, the next time you leave on your "Anguilla holidays."

Even if you are not British.