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Anguilla Real Estate: The Guide...
Captain's Bay


Welcome to the ferocious Captain's Bay. With its hazardous undertow, wild waves, and an equally majestic Anguilla mansion, you get quite a combination!

Let's see where we are on the island...

Captain's Bay

Once upon a time, Captain's Bay sat out on the far east end, with only its unruly undertow and wild waves to keep it company.

But then big money came along, and an Anguilla mansion was created. Captain's Bay will never be the same.

Exclusivity Villa
Anguilla Caribbean mansion

All the big names have stayed here, but the most famous couple to enjoy this complex has been Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston.

Remember when all you saw on TV and read in the tabloids, was Jenn and Brad's "Big Split"? This was where they stayed just days before!

Despite the fact that it plays host to the a-list, Captain's Bay remains a charming beach with a rustic feel... as long as you're walking away from "Exclusivity." Take a rocky walk on its Western shores and enjoy the roaring sensational splashing of the open ocean!

The beach itself is boisterous and dangrous. It's known for its hazardous undertow. And waves have been known to go 20 feet high. It's a breathtaking blue, has shiny, soft sand, and rocky land at both ends.

The good news is that the owners of Exclusivity ran electricity into this area! So investigate the rocky properties at the other end of the beach shown in this photo...

captain's bay anguilla

You can see more of this beach, here...

It's still a ways to the Valley and ferry, and roads are rough out here.

The moment you see the beach, and the sun, and the sand and the scenery, you'll forget about the huge mansion and the distance from the center of town.

Captain's Bay is special, no doubt about it! There is no shortage of extraordinary Anguilla real estate in and around this area.

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