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Anguilla Real Estate: The Guide...
Rendezvous Bay


Welcome to the beach with the best dunes on the island, Rendezvous Bay. From the Dune Preserve to Cuisinart, it also offers the widest extreme, from the funkiest to the most chique.

Let's see where we are on the island...

Rendezvous Bay

Rendezvous Bay beach is our family's third favorite "big beach".

It's a bit of boat ride from Lover's Point at the end of Cul-de-Sac until Rendezvous Bay Beach comes clearly into view. When it does, you see a wide curve of sand that meets the crystal clear, calm Caribbean sea.

Let's take a quick look at Rendezvous...

Looking East...
anguilla real estate

Looking West...
See the dunes?
anguilla real estate

First stop?

Anguilla's oldest hotel...

Rendezvous Bay Hotel & Villas
Rendezvous Bay Hotel

As we coast along the shore, heading West, we pass pass another hotel, the Anguilla Great House, and watch more people swim and enjoy the heat of the Caribbean.

We're all in a comfortable, relaxed daze when snap! What's this?

Cuisinart Golf Resort & Spa
Cuisinart Hotel in Anguilla

Wow! What a resort. Who knew that "the appliance people" could establish such a hotel!

The hotel grounds are beautiful, complete with flowing fountains, elaborate gardens and marble floors.

Their restaurants, however, need some work. Many say that they are over-priced for what they serve. Our family highly agrees.

Let's come ashore for one of the best beach walks, heading west...

Rendezvous Bay Dunes

Enjoy the only true dunes on Anguilla!

Farther along the dunes, you'll find the "dune master" - Bankie Banx, reggae artist - and his funky restaurant "Dune Preserve." It is literally made of scraps of boats, and other knick-knacks and paddy-whacks!

Here's a photo of it from the sea...

The Dune Preserve
Dune Preserve on Anguilla

Rendezvous Bay certainly doesn't miss a beat!

For a good idea of Rendezvous Bay, watch the video below...

Like I said, Rendezvous Bay is home to a great sweep of beach (our third favorite "big beach"), dunes, the Dune Preserve restaurant, and three hotels... CuisinArt, the Rendezvous Bay Hotel & Villas, and the Anguilla Great House.

There is a great selection of rental options available on this beach, but you know what that means... a limited choice of Anguilla real estate!

So, if you fall in love with Rendezvous Bay, a great option for Anguilla real estate is going inland! Don't want to do that? Have to be on oceanfront? Check out Merrywing Bay, the far western end of Rendezvous Bay!

Merrywing Bay used to be home to the Sonesta. It has been replaced with Anguilla's first super high end golf course and residential development, owned by CuisinArt today. Ask Jackie Pascher about the homes and condos there! If you're a golfer, this is the place to be.

Either way Rendezvous has it all! Inland, beachfront, restaurants, views... dunes even! And a golfer's paradise, too. So, you may just want to "rendez vous" at Rendezvous.

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