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Charming Story About Favorite
Anguilla Vacation Rentals
And Other Special Spots


Terry from Fairfax, Virgina sent in this terrific report in April, 2007.

I was especially interested in his favorite find amongst Anguilla vacation rentals.

From here on in, it's Terry telling his story...

We've bounced all around the Caribbean over the last 20 years. We were always searching for, and sometimes finding, however briefly, the quietest and most relaxing island.

Being foodies, some islands, while peaceful and welcoming, had horrible food and sub-par purveyors. Then we discovered Anguilla.

The first visit convinced us easily to return again and again. Yes, we do frequent the $$$$ restaurants and visit the the resorts. But we always rent a villa. Our last visit was spent in the BOAT HOUSE which gave new meaning to the term "waterfront". Literally, you could step off the deck and into the water. Incredible!

Unfortunately, the owners are reclaiming the villa fulltime and it is no longer available to rent. We hope to drive by and meet the them next year when we're in Anguilla.

Well, on to our terrific finds on the island.

First, if you want to grill lobster at your own place, go see Pamela at Bartletts, a gift shop at the circle that leads to "SANDY GROUND." With a day's notice, she can usually obtain any size lobster that you want for around $8/lb. At least a third of the cost in a restaurant.

She also fixes some of the best rum drinks we've ever had in the middle of the day. Definitely try her rum punch, she's very proud of it. And rightly so!

For a fancier but very,very good restaurant, the newly opened (2007) VEYA is a real treat. The young American couple,she's a CIA chef, have established a welcoming, sophisticated venue for her delicious offerings. It blows away some of the old established restaurants. It was so good that we went back a second time. Even a power outage (not unusual in the islands) could dampen the bonhomie or effect the service or food. A real gem!

For the other end of the spectrum, try SMOKEYS a native owned beachfront BBQ place. Really hit the spot. The ribs are terrific!

Well, I could wax enthusiastic for a very long time. We sure hope they end the moratorium on land purchase at some time soon. We'll definitely be in line. For now we'll have to be content cruising around the island viewing and choosing our next year's villa.

Fairfax, Virginia, U.S.A.

Wow, Nori here again. Thank you for that excellent story, Terry. Some wonderful tips, including your top find of all the anguilla vacation rentals on this amazing island. The lobster-at-Bartletts is a delicious (and cheap!) discovery. And we'll definitely have to try VEYA on our next trip, Terry!

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