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I Was At The Bar...
A Unique & Tasty Twist to Anguilla Nightlife

By: Louise Fayet

Mirabelle West, owner of I Was At The Bar is well known around Anguilla for creating and hosting some of the best and most impressive events. She always dreamt of opening a bar and night club. With her aspirations and strong work ethic, Mirabelle was destined to create something that would change the concept of nightlife in Anguilla.

Welcome to I Was At The Bar

Click the play button above for a taste of I Was At The Bar!

Mirabelle and her team revamped an old office space and created a vibrant lounge, bar and restaurant that breathes a lively atmosphere.

The Bar

The use of locally made tables from recycled material, choice of lighting and graffiti cultivate an energetic and intimate ambience.

Lounge Area

In addition to the bar and spacious lounging area, I Was At The Bar has two VIP rooms.

VIP Room

Perfect For Private Events

Each VIP room has its perks: comfortable seating, beer on tap, and even a karaoke machine. These rooms are perfect for hosting a private event.


Perhaps our favorite spot at I Was At The Bar? The outdoor lounge. Step outside and the twinkling lights welcome you for delicious tapas bites.

Evening Drinks & Cuisine

Tapas are served inside and outside under the Caribbean night sky. We love the outdoor dining space so we picked a cozy table below the fairy lights.


The best way to begin the evening? With an I Was At The Bar cocktail.

The Signature Cocktail & The Guava Mojito
Beef Sliders at IWASATTHEBAR

The cocktail menu features a variety of expertly crafted signature drinks, mojitos and margaritas. All pack a serious punch! Our top choice? The Guava Mojito. Oh-so light and refreshing, smooth and rich in fruity flavor, it goes down as one of my favorite cocktails. It is a "must-try."

Appetites whetted, let's tackle the menu!

I Was At The Bar has completely elevated the concept of "bar food" with Chef Sweets and Tracy Swaby. The dynamic duo crafted the culinary experience. Chef Sweets' brother and son, Chefs Kishaun and Eric make the magic happen, whipping up mouthwatering tapas all night long.

First up, one of our favorites from the tapas selection...

Beef Sliders
Beef Sliders at IWASATTHEBAR

Two palm-sized beef sliders are served on a soft and fluffy Taiwanese carrot boa bun, topped with an Asian BBQ sauce and spicy mayo. Tying all the flavors together and really boosting the taste is the pickled slaw. These sliders are some of the best we have ever had!

Next from the tapas selection...

Mahi Sliders
Mahi Sliders at IWASATTHEBAR

Thick slices of fresh Mahi-Mahi fish is topped with pickled slaw and ginger teriyaki. The Szechuan mayo is an extra-tasty touch!

If you are a lover of seafood, another scrumptious option are the fish fingers.

Japanese Tempura Fish Fingers
Japanese Tempura Fish Fingers at IWASATTHEBAR

On the outside? Crisp and crunchy! Inside? The moist fish falls apart with the mere touch of your fork. This dish is served with a smooth and thick lemon aioli dip. It is a match made in heaven!

FOOD TIP: Dip your french fries in this dip! It is oh-so delicious.


Chinese Vegetable Spring Rolls
Chinese Vegetable Spring Rolls at IWASATTHEBAR

Flaky and fried golden brown, these crispy spring rolls are filled with a vegetable mixture. A staple on any tapas menu, Chefs Kishuan and Eric serve theirs with a house made Thai sweet chilli sauce. Another dip that will blow your taste buds!

Last but not least...

Crispy Fried Chicken Wings
Crispy Fried Chicken Wings at IWASATTHEBAR

Jumbo wings are fried crispy and served with your choice of sauce: House Teriyaki, Asian BBQ or Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce. We recommend the Asian BBQ dip - tangy and sweet, it is finger licking delicious.

Over the course of the night, we were impressed again and again by Chef's sauces. They exceed all expectations!

Weekly Tapas Specials

In addition to their regular menu, different tapas specials are available nightly. Here are the nights you do not want to miss...

Wednesday Night Crayfish Special
Wednesday Night Crayfish Special at IWASATTHEBAR

Freshly caught Anguillian spiny crayfish is cooked to perfection and drizzled in Chef's specialty Szechuan sauce. We fell in love with this dish so much so we had to order another serving!

That evening we paired our crayfish special with sliders, french fries and the fish fingers. A winning meal.


Another top tapas special?...

Coconut Crusted Shrimp

These tender shrimps pair perfectly with its West Indian mango curry dip. This dip impressed us all over again. An absolute 10/10!


Now for our favorite tapas special...

Sunday Sushi Night
Sushi night special at IWASATTHEBAR

Finding good sushi on-island can be tough. A lover of Asian cuisine, I was delighted to hear of the Sunday Sushi night at I Was At The Bar!

The special features two dishes. First up..

Crispy Rice & Spicy Tuna
Spicy tuna roll at IWASATTHEBAR

Crispy rice is topped with spicy tuna and dollops of avocado. The whole creation is garnished with slices of jalapeños, green onion and extra crispy rice.

Next? My top choice!...

Shrimp Tempura Roll
Shrimp Tempura Roll at IWASATTHEBAR

The first bite brought a huge smile to my face, bringing back memories of Chef Ken's restaurant, Cha Cha San. Fresh pieces of avocado and tasty crab are layered with shrimp tempura. The ultra satisfying touch? Each bite sized piece is topped with crispy rice. This roll took the crown for the night and ranks in my list of top 5 sushi rolls of all time!

We were still craving more sushi, so Chef whipped us up a delightful avocado roll off-menu. I Was At The Bar's team truly goes above and beyond.

Avocado Roll
Avocado roll at IWASATTHEBAR

Each bite was light and refreshing delight.

The specials at I Was At The Bar don't end there. Thursday night features Indian roti tacos with Tandoori chicken, masala aioli and avocado tomato pico. Friday night is Thai night with shrimp satay in a Thai coconut green curry sauce.

With The I Was At The Bar Team
Louise and IWASATTHEBAR team

A huge congratulations to Mirabelle! She has out done herself!

I Was At The Bar is quickly growing into a hot spot. With excellent tapas and a wonderful atmosphere, it is no surprise. Mirabelle, we will be back :-)

Outdoor patio at IWASATTHEBAR


Location & Contact Information

I Was At The Bar


Open hours: Wednesday-Sunday 6pm til late

Tel & Email: (264) 582-4927 (IWAS) or IWASATTHEBAR@gmail.com