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A Cornucopia of
Caribbean Culinary Delights...
Lobster BBQ at Aurora Anguilla


Aurora Anguilla has established itself as a Caribbean culinary destination.

Time and time again, Aurora's talented team of chefs prove that passion prevails as they re-define and set new standards for the entire region.

This holds true for Aurora's signature, weekly culinary event...

Lobster BBQ
Right on Rendezvous Bay!
night setting at aurora

Held every Thursday night, it has long been hailed as one of Anguilla's "must do's." The value is unbeatable. $85 buys unlimited BBQ lobster and crayfish with a plethora of gourmet mains and side dishes. All served in an elegant beachfront atmosphere, it is as far as you can get from typical "all you can eat" resort buffets.

Click play above for a video look at Lobster BBQ!


The Setting

anguilla card emblem

Illuminated palms sway overhead as the lights of St. Martin twinkle in the distance and Omalie 360 sets a spirited tone with his smooth stylings.

Right at the edge of the sands of Rendezvous Bay, Aurora's C-Level is transformed into a gourmet food festival.

Welcome to C-Level
the lobster bbq at aurora

Dining tables and chairs are elegantly set on the sand. The BBQ's various "stations" sprawl out before you, adjacent to the bar.

The welcoming staff helps you to your table, and then? Check your diet at the door. It's time to take a big bite of Lobster BBQ!

The Lobster BBQ

First up? Naturally, lobster & crayfish...

Billowing with sweet-charcoal smoke, one look at the grills and you swear Aurora has hundreds of beautiful Anguillian spiny lobsters on hand. They certainly never run out!

Sizzling Lobster
jasper schneider at lobster bbq

Spiny lobsters and crayfish are grilled to perfection. Aurora's grill master will always suggest you pair your seafood delicacies with a spoonful of lemon butter.

The combination comes highly recommended.

Melted Butter? Yes, Please!
the lobster plated at aurora lobster bbq

The lobster meat itself is moist and smoothly separates from the shell. The crayfish? Juicy and sweet, they rival the lobsters for top spot on our list. And as for the buttery sauce? It will just about have you licking your plate clean.

What a way to kick off Lobster BBQ!

Goodies From The Grill: Paella & Whole Smoked Pig

"Lobster" receives top billing for this evening. But, it has a terrific supporting cast. This is much more than "just" a Lobster BBQ.

The sumptuous aromas of BBQ float through the night air and lead you to another Aurora banquet table. Tray upon shiny tray is filled with tremendous BBQ eats, including...

Whole Smoked Pig
whole smoked pig at lobster bbq

Charcoal-grilled, this is serious roast pig! It is best enjoyed with another five-star "main" dish...

Perfect Paella
paella at lobster bbq

Your eyes pop out of your head as you gaze at the enormous plate of paella! It is loaded with seafood. Perfectly crisp and full of flavor, the paella will have you coming back for more.

Next? Sumptuous fresh fish, rice & peas, roasted veggies, roasted fingerling potatoes, roasted corn and...

Oh So Creamy Mac & Cheese
mac n cheese at aurora bbq

Who doesn't love a heaping portion of creamy mac & cheese? Returning for more of this classic side dish is inevitable.

Between the outstanding paella, smokey BBQ and roasted corn, the variety of dishes and their quality is impressive.

Salads & Bread Station

Rounding out the sides are extra-fresh and zesty salads.

Fresh & Vibrant Salads
pasta station at aurora lobster bbq

Leafy green salads, potato salad, quinoa salad, beet salad, coleslaw, hummus and black bean dip... the options are endless!

The salad station is right next to the breads.

Bread Station
breads at aurora anguilla

Sourdough, focaccia and even Johnny cakes make up the options!

Piping Hot Johnny Cakes
piping hot johnny cakes aurora anguilla

Tip: These mini Johnny cakes are addictive. Be sure to grab two.

Packed Dinner Plate!
full plates at aurora anguilla

After polishing off your packed plate? It's time to go back and do it all over again.

Grand Finale: Dessert

Reveling in the glow of post-dinner perfection, it is absolutely impossible to not completely overdo it and make at least two visits to the dessert station.

Gourmet Dessert Station
dessert station at cuisianrt bbq

Pistachio Orange Blossom Choux, Opera Cake, Pannacotta, Trifle, Vanilla Flan. Yes, Aurora has an entire bakery on their patio!

The display dazzles the eye and awakens your inner child.

Sinfully Good Churros
churros at lobster bbq

The Crêpes Suzette goes down as best-in-Anguilla. Buttery-soft crêpes are topped with a dollop of ice cream. This is the stuff of dreams.

amazing crepes suzette at aurora loster bbq

Confectionery creativity knows no bounds at Aurora Anguilla.

Good Night, Aurora Anguilla!
aurora anguilla beachfront

On an island where one lobster dish at a high-end restaurant can run $65, Lobster BBQ is high value. The extraordinary quality of food, excellent and attentive table service and flow of the entire evening is a sheer delight.

Lobster BBQ is an opportunity to experience a cornucopia of Caribbean culinary delights in an atmosphere that blends luxury with unpretentiousness in a classic Anguillian way.

Longstanding "must-do's" often disappoint. But, Aurora raises yet another bar a level higher. Lobster BBQ really is a must!

Reservations required, call: 264-498-2000