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Sea View Apartments at Sandy Ground

by John McGlaughlin
(Raleigh, North Carolina, USA)

Road Bay across from Sea View Apartments off season

Road Bay across from Sea View Apartments off season

You still have to contend with Thursday Night Band Night when Sandy Ground hops between the Pumphouse and Elvis bars, but with concrete walls a dull thump is all that gets through.

I really enjoyed my stay at the Sea View Apartments in the single bedroom. Quite clean with a nice breeze, air conditioning while not available was not needed. The caretaker and owner just aim to please, and compared to the lodging prices on Anguilla, this could pay for your meals on the island.

The local seafood is some of the best I have had in a long time. If you are up on the beach at 5 AM you see the boats delivering todays catch. Johnno's and the Pumphouse provide excellent food choices just a short walk away.

In season whole Red Snapper at Johnnos was superior and flavorful. Unfortunately we did not make it in time to try the Sea Bass a day later as the catch ran out early. The Pumphouse provided a Seared Yellow Fin Tuna Salad that was very tasty and a multi night favorite with the group. The Burgers at the Pumphouse were also well seasoned and made to order. Don't forget to try the chowders with a KICK.

Let me also send a HELLO to Captain Franklin at Link Ferry. A wonderfully cheerful ride from San Maarten to Anguilla with history, geography and special complimentary refreshments. If yo are traveling in a group please call them to get group rates which includes complete transportation airport to lodging and back again at a favorable price compared to other venues.

Nori's Reply: Thank you for sharing Sea View Apartments, John. They are a great deal in Anguilla.

As you noted, they are conveniently located in Sandy Ground village, just across the street from the sandy beach, within walking distance to restaurants and nightlife, are nicely furnished and complete with kitchens, and are very reasonably priced.

I couldn't agree more about Johnno's and Pumphouse. They are two must-visit establishments in Sandy Ground. Did you try the "Killer" nachos at Pumphouse? They are to die for!

The Thursday night crowds, as you also pointed out, may be a little loud for some visitors staying at Sea View Apartments. This noise level is likely to be louder during Anguilla's Carnival's August Monday when Sandy Ground becomes party central.

All in all though, Sandy Ground is a great location. It is one of Anguilla's most defined neighborhoods, with a warm feel, and plenty of attractions that are accessed by foot (dive boats, beach, restaurants, bars).

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