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The Spa at Viceroy Anguilla...
Stepping Into Zen & Luxury


Update 2016: The Spa at Viceroy is now managed by Four Seasons Anguilla.

Luxurious. Refreshing. Undeniably soothing and utterly "zen."

These are just a few of the words that come to mind when I think of our time at Viceroy's Spa. Arguably the most high-end hotel in Anguilla, and certainly the most cutting edge and modern in terms of style and design, its Spa doesn't fail to deliver an equally impressive and indulgent experience...

Approaching The Spa
exterior of viceroy's spa

Set on the island's north shore, looking out to the open ocean, Viceroy's Spa is located in a large, separate fine-line driven building, just beyond Aleta and the pool area. Walking up to the building, and already tension floats away.

Entering The Spa

Cool and clean, upon entering, a refreshing feel immediately overcame me, my Mom and my sister, Yuki. Seeking some "girl time," the setting was right for a cleanse, removing all stress and any ills of the day.

main lobby area of the spa

We checked in at reception and a kind gentlemen gave us a form to fill out. The form asked us to specify our preference of pressure (for our massage), and a variety of other things, such as if you have any health issues or allergies. The team at Viceroy truly tailors your treatment to your exact liking.

inside the spa at viceroy

products for sale at viceroy spa

While my Mom and Yuki finished their forms, I took a look around the spacious room.

The lobby has three separate areas.

The first is the large room just beyond reception.

The view is exceptional, staring straight out to sea.

Finishings are contemporary and striking.

Yuki loved the chairs and tables and wished she could take them all home with her to her apartment in NYC!

The room elegantly displays products for sale, including Moroccan Oil and Malin + Goetz products, as well as a variety of sportswear.

Adjacent to the main room is a second area to the left.

This little zone is tucked off to the side and feels more secluded and tranquil, ideal for sitting and relaxing before beginning your treatment or massage.

Without a speck on the horizon, the views are liberating.

viceroy spa inside

view from inside the spa

What about the third area? That would be the outdoor terrace.

Tranquil Terrace

The Terrace at Viceroy's Spa
terrace at viceroy spa

The terrace is expansive and wide, finished with a sand-colored stone and complete with plenty of comfortable seating. You don't feel overcrowded here.

The corner of the terrace (see above photo) was my favorite "nook," right next to the pool...

the pool at viceroy spa

Infinity edge, it appears to just drops off to the open ocean beyond. Tip: Don't forget to bring your bathing suit!

Once we completed our forms, the kind gentlemen collected them and introduced us to our masseuses. They showed us to the women's locker room to get us ready for our treatment.

Getting Ready

hallway down to the locker room at viceroy spa

Down the long corridor we went!

The sweet ladies offered us iced water (with lemon) and/or iced tea, located on the counter to our left.

My Mom and Yuki accepted.

I continued on, peaking into the rooms with open doors located along the hall.

The salon and a few spa rooms are located here.

Each have views looking out to sea.

I looked around the salon a little more.

In such a refreshing room, this may be the ultimately place to get your hair cut in Anguilla!

"Time to focus on getting to the locker room, Nori. Enough photos!" Yuki urged, snapping me back to reality.

To the locker room...

The Salon at Viceroy Spa
viceroy spa salon

A Treatment Room
viceroy couples

In keeping with the rest of the spa, the locker room is modern, clean and zen, with gentle lighting. It all feels so soothing. The bathroom counters have everything you might need, including combs, mouthwash and razors. Beautiful, they too are made of that signature Viceroy polished stone.

Counters inside the locker room
locker room at viceroy

The locker room also features showers, a steam room and an outdoor seating area to take in the warm Caribbean air.

Outdoor seating area
outdoor seating area at spa

Into our light and gauzy robes (which felt so nice against the skin) and slippers, we were ready to go. We headed back to the lobby to relax pool-side and sip iced tea, soaking it all in before being whisked away to our private treatment rooms.

nori and yuki at viceroy anguilla

The Treatment

Up a large and wide staircase, my masseuse led me to the spa room, Oleander, on the second story of the building.

oleander spa room at viceroy

the view from the spa room

We were booked to have the "Blue Tranquility" massage.

A more basic massage, Viceroy offers a variety of more extensive treatments, including "signature experiences," facials, cleanses, scrubs, massages, aromatherapy, waxings, manicures, hair coiffure, pedicures and treatments that focus on sun repair, cleansing and so on.

Want to focus on making your skin radiant? Relaxing your muscles? Prefer a foot/leg massage? Want to explore pool-side treatments?

The choices are endless!

The room itself was just right, very clean and comfortable, with a pretty window out to sea.

One terrific touch?

The beds were "heated!"

Talk about oh-so-relaxing.

The massage therapist knew exactly what to work (my neck, spending all these hours on the computer!) and did it perfectly. Between that, the heat of the table, the foot massage, the hand massage, and even an extensive scalp massage, I dozed in and out. Totally at ease, completely comfortable.

more views from spa room

Those 60 minutes traveled fast. Glowing, radiant, we each emerged feeling renewed.

The best way to top it off? Lunch at the equally indulgent Sunset Lounge!