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Viceroy Anguilla Hotel,
Sunset Drinks & Sushi at The Sunset Lounge


Update 2016: Viceroy's Sunset Lounge is no more. Today, it is operated by Four Seasons Anguilla. Four Seasons has overhauled the Sunset Lounge's seating and service. More on Four Seasons Sunset Lounge.

Viceroy's Sunset Lounge At A Glance

Overlooking beautiful Barnes Bay, Viceroy's Sunset Lounge offers breathtaking views, delicious drinks and tasty bites of sushi.

Update 2014: Since this review was written, the Executive Chef has changed and the quality in sushi (nigiri specifically) has gone down. Service has become far slower as well. It is still a beautiful spot for a cocktail, best on nights when the bar isn't too busy.

More on Sunset Lounge, below...

If Anguilla were Manhattan, Viceroy Anguilla's Sunset Lounge would be the "it" place to be.

Modern decor, high-end bite size dining, and a fairytale setting.

No doubt about it, this spot would attract the "guest list" required crowds styled in the latest, most fashionable ready-to-wear.

The good news?

This is not New York.

No guest lists. The dress code? Casual. Flip flops are fine.

Viceroy's Sunset Lounge
viceroy anguilla hotel

The Setting

Viceroy Anguilla's Sunset Lounge is one of Viceroy Anguilla resort's fine dining options. Their specialty? Sunset "snacks" and innovative cocktails, served in a refreshing ambience on the bluff overlooking one of the island's most prolific beaches.

The warm afternoon sun illuminates the calming, elegant open-air restaurant as the azure seas sparkle a sheer, clear endless blue, and the stretch of golden-sand beach glows golden in the distance.

Barnes Bay
viceroy anguilla hotel

The space around you, in Sunset Bar, perfectly complements the vastness of the views.

viceroy anguilla hotel

The ceilings are high, the tiles and pillars a neutral luxurious stone.

In the spirit of Viceroy Anguilla, Sunset Lounge is rich with epicurean delights, unique modern touches throughout the space.

The focal point?

The impressively long, elegant, cool bar, carefully crafted from stone and wood.

Sunset Bar is classy, without compromising comfort or cool.

After taking in the space around us, it was time to nestle into a seat by the cliff's edge.

viceroy anguilla hotel

The first choice that faced us?

Drinks... Viceroy has a long list of special drinks.

The "Anguilla-Hattan," the "Barnes Bay Rum Punch" made with Pyrat Anguilla rum, a Ginger Collins, or was I craving a simple chilled glass of Sauvignon Blanc? ;-)

The Anguilla-Hattan beat out the competition. A combination of Anguilla and Manhattan? I knew how it felt to live between Anguilla and Manhattan, but how would that taste?

The Anguilla-Hattan viceroy anguilla hotel

Cooled by the gentle tradewinds, we watched the waves calmly lapping at Barnes Bay shore as the sun met the horizon and the lazy afternoon turned into a calm Caribbean evening.

viceroy anguilla hotel

As the sun set, and our drinks were getting shallow, our minds turned to the bar menu.

We were no novice to "bite size" bar dining at Viceroy.

We had tried one of Viceroy Anguilla's other unique bars right on Barnes Bay Beach months before, The Half Shell.

Anguilla doesn't "do" Japanese food. They have come and gone, none have stayed. So, when we heard word of a sushi bar that was here to stay, backed by Viceroy Anguilla, we had hope.

With the five-star Viceroy Anguilla stamp of approval, our mouths were salivating before we even picked up a pair of chopsticks.

The result?

The fish was fresh, the sushi rice (the key to good sushi!) perfect. But, the portions were small, the selection limited.

This time though, at the Sunset Lounge, quantity, quality and selection had greatly improved.

viceroy anguilla hotel

The menu had expanded!

Sushi rolls of all sizes and variety (Philadelphia, Hamachi, California), sashimi, and more "bar food" including Kobe beef burgers and spicy shrimp.

This was good news for Yuki (can you tell she's excited?)!

She's allergic to fish, so the varied menu was to her utmost delight.

Shrimp is her favorite food, their spicy shrimp so unique and tasty.

We asked Yuki for a taste, but she limited us to a half a bite taste each!

The shrimp was seared and lightly fried, cooked in a sauce so unique and tangy, with rich Eastern flavors, without being overpowering and heavy.

Never have we tasted shrimp cooked like this before.

Cooked to perfection, the spicy shrimp is certainly one of the best items on the menu.

And that is quite a compliment, because everything we have tried on the menu is excellent.

Meanwhile, the rest of us went with sushi and sashimi.

To our delight, the portion size had doubled and the diameter of the rolls were twice as big too. The fish was fresh as always, the rice still cooked well. One roll in and I was already full.

viceroy anguilla hotel

Apparently we were not the only ones dissatisfied with the small portions and limited selection. Viceroy took their guests' comments seriously and adjusted the menu accordingly.

viceroy anguilla hotel

The sushi is very good, though perhaps not on par with an ultra high end New York City sushi bar. But if you have a hankering for a Hamachi roll, Sunset Lounge does it well.

Tip: It's the best roll on the menu! With the spicy shrimp and an Anguilla-Hattan, you are guaranteed an excellent light meal.

The location, the comfortable atmosphere, the views, the food, the variety of drinks and menu items... Viceory Anguilla's Sunset Lounge has quickly become one of our go-to spots.

Directions, Hours & Contact

Directions: The Sunset Lounge is located in Viceroy Resort. Walk through the main lobby and continue straight.

Viceroy's Sunset Lounge

Good for sunset drinks and sushi bites in a luxurious, modern atmosphere.

Hours: Sunset Lounge is open 7 days/week for lunch, dinner and in-between.

Tel: 264-497-7000