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Roy's Place:
Charming Anguilla Accommodations...
an English Pub...
All on Anguillian beachfront!


Roy's Place on Crocus Bay is closed and is now located in Sandy Ground

What do you get when you combine the nearest Anguilla beach to The Valley, a charming Anguillian beachfront English pub, and cheap, clean Anguilla accommodations, too?

Roy's Place!

The name says it all. Unpretentious, friendly and the "place" to be.

From The Valley, just head west towards Crocus Bay. Down the road until it ends at the bottom of the hill lies Crocus Bay...

Anguilla Crocus Bay

... a calm, gorgeous beach.

You'll often find Calvin waiting for you by his boat.

He'll be happy to take you over to Little Bay, just a few

My dad said, "What could be better than a British pub without the British weather?"

We first set foot In Roy's Place the morning after we had landed during our second trip to Anguilla. We were still bone-tired from all the flying from the previous day (12 hours with bad connections and three flights from Montreal). We were hungry and needed that lift you get from a great meal!

Anguilla accommodations

So, it was a good job that we dropped into Roy's! He didn't let us down.

We all ordered the fish & chips!

(Roy is English, we were in a pub, and by the sea, so we figured we couldn't go wrong!)

Crocus Bay Between The Flowers
Anguillian beachfront view of Crocus

Even when you're hungry, it's easy to wait when this is the view.

Before we knew it, the fish & chips had arrived... and soon disappeared, leaving behind four happy campers!

Anguilla Roys bar

Oh, by the way, Roy's bar is supposed to be a great place to go for Happy Hour.

And the parrot is real friendly... just like everyone else at Roy's.

My Dad vowed to come back and report on it, just for you!

Soon we were on our way, driving up back the hill.

We found a nice little road along the cliffs above Crocus Bay.

Can you spot Roy's?
Anguilla Crocus Bay and Roys

We've been back to Roy's a couple of times since then -- sometimes we may even try something other than the fish and chips (but why mess with perfection)!

We never knew, though, that Roy's also had an inn. I learned this when this e-mail arrived...

Hi there! I was in Anguilla last October and then again for Xmas and New Years. What an amazing island! I stayed at Roy's Place at the bottom of Crocus Hill and it was brilliant. Superb value for money - clean, friendly Anguilla accommodations and with air conditioning - what more can an Englishman ask for!

Rob Molloy

If you're looking for Anguilla accomodations, minutes from the Valley, at a reasonable price, with great pub fare, and only a short boat ride from Little Bay, too...

Roy's Place at Crocus Bay would make a delightful choice!

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