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Anguilla Real Estate: The Guide...
Isaac's Cliff


Welcome to the imposing Isaac's Cliff. No beaches (or you need a boat to reach them). The miles and miles of clear views, both north and south from here.

Let's see where we are on the island...

Isaac's Cliff

Now for something completely different!

Instead of beaches, beaches, beaches, Isaac's Cliff's awe-inspiring feature is its sheer height! The views, both north and south go forever.

Isaac's Cliff
Isaac's Cliff

Those cliffs are high! And you know... the bigger the cliffs, the better the view.

Watch this video for more on Isaac's Cliff...

The cliffs really have continuous views! Yes, continuous... starting from the cliffs along the north shore and stretching southward across the entire breadth of the island, across the Caribbean and onto the next country... St. Martin!

The views not only extend southward forever (although that's the main attraction)...

You will also find spots where you can peer northward, over the cliff edge, towards Sandy Island...

Looking Northward, from a Break in Isaac's Cliff...
caribbean real estate

... and from there, the next stop is Nova Scotia, Canada. If you look closely(!), you can even see 7 acres of oceanfront that our family does own in Nova Scotia. (My Dad is determined to have a matching piece in Anguilla, so that they face each other.)

Here's our south-looking view from there...
caribbean real estate

If you look closely(!), you can see Anguilla.

Unfortunately, if you're on a cliff, you're not on a beach! And it's a bit of haul to get there. But a pool would make up for that! And so do the breezes.

The big plus of being inland, away from the ocean, is price. Inland Caribbean real estate is less expensive... and there's plenty of raw land. There are a few nice villas up here, Skiffles and BlueGates, if you want to get the feel of living up here before committing (always a good idea).

We didn't see any houses right on the cliff edge, so I suspect that there might be a rather good reason why. You may want to check with Jackie Pascher.

There's no beach, but with the forever, vivid views, the cliff has much to offer. You'll be smitten.

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