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Anguilla Real Estate: The Guide...
Savannah Bay,
Mimi Bay and Sile Bay


Welcome to the home of Palm Grove, Savannah Bay. This is a fabulous deserted beach, great for a walk, alone with your thoughts.

Let's see where we are on the island...

Watch the video below for a peak at Savannah Bay...

Show up at Savannah Bay around noon. Take a long, luxurious walk on the beach's sandy shores. Marvel at the wild wave action by the western tip of the beach.

Ahhh! That's the recipe for total relaxation.

Anguilla beaches

When it comes to swimming? The water by the eastern end of the beach (called "Junk's Hole") is blissfully calm...

Anguilla beaches

...and conveniently located by Nat's, more formally known as Palm Grove.

Palm Grove on Anguilla

Sit down and have a rum punch. Before you know it, there'll be fresh lobster and crayfish coming right up! YUM!

While this is a "deserted" beach, free of any structure other than Nat's beach shack, you won't be the only ones here.

Palm Grove always attracts hungry customers in search of the best crayfish on the island! It's still our favorite beach shack restaurant.

Savannah Bay is really the perfect "deserted Caribbean beach"... one superb beachfront restaurant, a long sandy beach and some great snorkling...

Hi There, Eagle Ray!
Palm Grove on Anguilla

Sounds fantastic doesn't it? And it is! It really is! The bay is all the way out on the East end, just moments away from the eastern tip (Windward Point).

Let's take another look around...

Captains Ridge in the Distance
Savannah Bay on Anguilla

Notice how there are hardly any houses here? The epitome of privacy.

Savannah Bay on Anguilla

The middle of Savannah Bay is also undeveloped.

Savannah Bay on Anguilla

... as is the west end of the beach. Although this side of the beach is usually rough and unswimable, sometimes, if you are lucky enough, the water is as calm as it is at Sandy Ground.

On these rare days, Savannah Bay turns into the most picture perfect beach. With shades of blue you did not believe were possible.

Louise Soaking Up Savannah Calm in Her Tranquilitee
Savannah Bay on Anguilla

From tip to tip, the 0.7 mile beach is perfect for long walks. Especially in the evening.

Special Sunsets at Savannah
Savannah Bay on Anguilla

As for Anguilla real estate? The entire beach is mostly sand, so not much opportunity here if you're not from Anguilla. Every now and then we hear rumors about upcoming real estate projects destined for this stretch of sand. Until then...

Mimi Bay & Sile Bay

If Savannah's remoteness appeals to you, check out the surrounding areas. There are lots of real estate opportunities to the West of Savannah Bay in the Sile Bay and Mimi Bay area.

Don't misjudge this area's wave action - Sile Bay and Mimi Bay can be wild and rough.

Sile Bay Looking Towards Savannah Bay
Mimi Bay and Sile Bay area

Devoid of restaurants and businesses, Sile Bay is quiet and tranquil. Swimming gets dangerous further out, but close to shore is calm and shallow. You also usually have these waters all to yourself.

Mimi Bay is immediately to the west of Sile Bay.

Mimi Bay
Anguilla mimi bay

As you can see the beach does not lack rocky ocean front! There are some great opportunties here and as you move west down the coastline. Villas dot the rocky parts of the shore as you move west towards the next beach, Seafeather's Bay.

With beautiful wave action and great views out to St. Martin and the wide open ocean, the area is worth examining for real estate opportunities!

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