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Anguilla Real Estate: The Guide...
Windward Point


Welcome to the eastern tip of Anguilla, Windward Point. Like the island's western tip, the eastern tip is free of Anguilla villas, mansions, or any other structure (except for the beacon).

If you want seclusion and wild open ocean, Windward Point just may be for you!

anguilla real estate windward point

Let's see where we are on the island...

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If you were to drive from The Valley in the heart of Anguilla and head East till land ran out, Windward Point is where you'd stop. And in fact, if you do that, you can get pretty close to the most easterly tip by car before you have to stop, get out and walk.

We've done exactly that. Though the drive to Windward Point may take you a fair bit of time (30 minutes), don't get discouraged. Once you park your car, it is an easy hike up the "mountain".

The Rocky Mountain!
anguilla real estate windward point

We've taken the trail several times, and we've always been greatly rewarded...

The views stretch forever!

Look West, and you'll find miles of Anguilla.

Further East? Scrub Island!

anguilla real estate windward point

Then of course, to the South is the prominent St. Martin.

And... on a clear day... you can even see St. Barts way in the distance!

And you won't have to share it with anyone.

Watch Out For the Cacti!
anguilla real estate windward point

There is never anyone else on Windward Point.

Most people don't want to make the drive.

Thank goodness!

You can be totally at ease here, with nothing but the sound of the roaring waves to keep you company.

Windward Point Beach

Well, I guess I shouldn't say totally alone.

A visitor like this just may drop by!

Anguilla caribbean mansion

She swam by and spouted "hello" while we were on a 'round the island boat ride near Windward Point.

We were thrilled! How often do you stumble upon a mother Humpback and her baby?

Apparently, often in Anguilla. Even Shaun (the Captain of the Sea Grape) and his first mate, Jeff couldn't contain their excitement!

We followed the Humpbacks as far and for as long as we could! They are mostly seen through the channel between Anguilla and Scrub Island.

Scrub Island in Distance
Anguilla and Scrub

While Windward Point has so much to offer those of us in tune with nature, it doesn't provide much in terms of established lodging.

The point holds no homes. But I'd love to have a home on the top of the small "mountain" at the very tip...

The Top of the Tip!
anguilla real estate windward point

Isn't that just spectacular? No homes... no intrusion... just peace!

There hasn't been much talk of Anguilla real estate opportunities on Windward Point. There are plots of land available on nearby Captain's Bay, Island Harbour and in the Savannah and Sile Bay area. The whole Scrub Island has real estate potential, too.

It's always worth asking our favorite real estate agent, Jackie Pascher.

Of course, if you do find a piece of Anguilla real estate out on Windward Point, that seclusion means that you would have to bring in your own electricity, too! Seclusion has its price I guess ;-)

Until Next Time!
Anguilla and Scrub

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