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Anguilla Real Estate: The Guide...
Shoal Bay East


Welcome to Shoal Bay East... the best beach in the Caribbean! It has been voted best beach in the Caribbean by travelers and "professionals" alike and it's not hard to see why.

Hello Shoal Bay East!
Shoal Bay East

Let's see where we are on the island...

Anguilla has many qualities that reel visitors in. Some come for the relaxed atmosphere, total seclusion, warm weather...

But most come for the beaches.

Because, of course, Anguilla is home to "The Best Beach in the Caribbean".

Shoal Bay East
Shoal Bay East

Shoal Bay stretches for two whole miles and divides into the west side and the east side.

While the west side is equally beautiful, it's the east that gets splashed on all of the magazine covers!

Let's take a look at both...

The Eastern Side of Shoal Bay

Watch the video below to get a feel for the eastern side of Shoal Bay East...

This side has laid-back restaurants, awesome snorkling, sophisticated the villas, hotels... oh yes! And Anguilla real estate.

Shoal Bay Villas & Manoah Hotel in the distance
Shoal Bay East Hotel

Of course, since it is Anguilla, there are plenty of pockets of sheer serenity, too.

Whether you're basking in the sun, enjoying a beachside resto-bar, swimming, snorkeling or just floating for hours, Shoal Bay East really is the best beach in the Caribbean.

And who wouldn't want to live by "The Best Beach in the Caribbean"?

One thing that's not hard to miss on Shoal Bay East are the magnificent homes, mansions and villas along the eastern Sea Rocks.

Money is clearly no object!

Anguilla mansion

Anguilla mansion

Anguilla mansion

Ah... staying in any one of castles must be heaven! There are nice, smaller villas here too, like Tortue Villa. With four large bedrooms, there is enough space for eight people, while sharing the same spectacular views of Shoal Bay East.

Tortue Villa
Anguilla villas

This whole beach is scintillating sand, so the only option is to head to the far eastern end of the beach for Anguilla real estate availabilities.

Along these sea cliffs, you will find both oceanfront undeveloped property, million dollar waterfront villas, and also land that is higher up in the hills... still only a hop, skip and jump away from the sand!

The cheapest, and perhaps best buy, is the higher hillside land above the road. But if you insist on being closer to the water, that is still possible, too.

Magnificent Shoal Bay

What more can you ask for? This beach has it all. But don't rule out its neighbor, the western end of Shoal Bay East.

The West Side of Shoal Bay East

It's just as beautiful, just as sunny, just as perfect. And you are right amidst the action!

Here the soft sand carresses our feet, the blue Atlantic which drifts us out to sea ever so slowly, and the warm sun which beams down and kisses our skin.

In the middle of Shoal you can see more traffic. Popular restaurants like Madeariman, Uncle Ernies, Olas and Tropical Sunset can be found here.

Lunch at Madeariman
Shoal Bay East on Anguilla

Hotels include the Manoah Hotel, standing tall at 5 floors with a variety of rooms and suites right on the beach!

The Manoah Boutique Hotel
Shoal Bay East on Anguilla

And then there's Zemi Beach House...

Zemi Beach House, LXR Hotels & Resorts
Anguilla villas

Past Zemi are a whole lot of villas. Each year, more spectacular mansions and Anguilla villas rise out of the sand and hills on this end of Shoal Bay.

There's plenty of Anguilla real estate here, too! (Can you measure real estate in tons?)

Take a look at the views from the hills...
anguilla real estate

Undeveloped land is available farther west of here, where the oceanfront turns rocky. Watch the video below for an idea of this area.

And you can also buy land higher up in the hills, at a reasonable price and with tremendous views.

As you can see, the western half of Shoal Bay East, is beautiful. Just like it's neighbor!

Just off of the beach, there are condo developments, too, ranging from ones with units in the low hundreds of thousands, to the upper hundreds of thousands and millions.

Shoal Bay East certainly has many Anguilla real estate opportunities!

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