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Anguilla Villa Rentals...
Rendezvous Bay


The red pin (below) is Rendezvous Bay. Zoom in on the Anguilla map for more detail.

Rendezvous Bay

Rendezvous Bay is one of Anguilla's best big, walking beaches.

The two miles of pristine, white-sand beach is dotted with luxury resorts, hotels, funky places to grab a bite to eat and interesting sights to see.

Rendezvous Bay is one of the best beaches to simply pass the day lazing around, walking calmly along the shore and doing a little exploring.

Many Anguilla villas adorn the beach's shores, and are nestled inland from the sea as well.

Arushi VIlla

arushi anguilla villa rental
Photo Credit: Arushi Villa

Size: 1-5 bedrooms

Location: West of Rendezvous Bay, on the sea.

Description: Just beyond the CuisinArt golf course, Arushi Villa is located within the high-end Temenos condo complex that was built in the mid 2000s.

This villa is truly luxurious.

The villa features over 5,000 square feet inside. 5,000+ more is found outside. Space is well afforded here.

As you would expect, inside there is a full high-end kitchen, and dining and living spaces that take advantage of the views out to St. Martin. The bedrooms are quite private, each with its own bathroom.

Outside you find a pool, large outdoor living space, and even a roof deck. Follow a small path, and you are at the beach's edge in moments.

The decor is particularly appealing. There is plenty use of whites and creams, blending modern and clean lines with comfortable cozy white woods. The bedroom's ocean views, against the white rooms with white indoor shutters conjures such fresh feelings.

Price: $$$$$$   —   Return to Villas By Price

By The Sea

by the sea anguilla villa
Photo Credit: By The Sea

Size: 2 bedrooms

Location: East of Rendezvous Bay.

Description: This spot has nice sea views, with Rendezvous Bay to its West. Rendezvous Bay cannot be accessed by this villa directly, but the sea is right in front of you.

There are two bedrooms, one with a queen bed, and one with twins. The living space is comfortable inside.. you have a living space and full kitchen for preparing meals at home. The deck is nice as well, though narrow in front. You will find nice outdoor furniture and a hammock.

The space is clean and comfortable (but no a/c).

Price: $$   —   Return to Villas By Price


cedars anguilla villa
Photo Credit: Cedars

Size: 1-2 bedrooms

Location: At the Eastern tip of Rendezvous Bay.

Description: Cedars sits at the very Eastern tip of Rendezvous Bay. Although you cannot reach Rendezvous Bay's large beach directly from Cedars, Cedars does have a small, sandy beach within walking distance that's virtually private.

The villa has a small indoor living space and full kitchen so you can prepare meals at home.

There are two bedrooms (one master) and a nice deck to enjoy the views.

Price: $$   —   Return to Villas By Price

Songbird/Seabird Villa

rendezvous bay songbird villa anguilla
Photo Credit: Songbird/Seabird Villa

Size: 2-4 bedrooms

Location: Overlooking the Rendezvous Bay Salt Pond and Rendezvous Bay. Not far from the entrance to The Anguilla Great House.

Description: This private and gated villa combines a terrific blend of contemporary and classic Caribbean. Designed by architect Lee Skolnick, and new in 2010, Songbird offers true indoor/outdoor island living along with views of sweeping Rendezvous Bay and St. Martin. A large infinity pool highlights the outdoor space and view along with a pool terrace with various areas for lounging and entertaining. The villa bedrooms are air-conditioned and have their own ensuite bathrooms. Modern amenities are found throughout the villa and furnishing is abundant and luxurious.

Songbird is very close to the sand of Rendezvous Bay making it one of the fewer villas on Anguilla with a view and with easy sandy beach access as opposed to a cliff-side villa with view only or along the rocky coast. It also has a "sister" villa next door called Seabird, in the event more than 4 bedrooms are needed for a group.

Price: $$$   —   Return to Villas By Price

Thye Cottage I & II

rendezvous thye cottage anguilla villa

Size: 1 bedroom

Location: A short walk from a small, sandy beach, east of Rendezvous Bay.

Description: The Thye Cottages define a true Caribbean experience with their authentic West Indian home decor.

These cozy, one-bedroom villas have a small kitchen, wooden decks, and although it may not have a swimming pool, they sit right on the water's edge, just moments away from sandy beach (with views of the larger Rendezvous Bay in the distance).

Their beautiful Thai-inspired wooden decks and hammocks catching the gentle Caribbean breeze make them so special.

Price: $$   —   Return to Villas By Price

West Green Villa

west green villa anguilla

Size: 1-3 bedrooms

Location: Inland.

Description: This elegant, three-bedroom villa sits further inland from Rendezvous Bay, admist beautiful, lush gardens.

It is a short ways from the beach, but if you're not up for the walk, don't worry... The villa has stunning views of St. Martin and a refreshing swimming pool!

West Green Villa also provides you with a full kitchen, entertainment center, and maid service.

Price: $$$   —   Return to Villas By Price

Bow Green Villa

bow green villa anguilla

Size: 1-3 bedrooms

Location: Down a dirt road from the beach.

Description: This three bedroom villa has your three s's taken care of...

Sun, Swim, & Snooze!

With a manicured path down to Rendezvous's sandy shores and a swimming pool in the backyard, the choice is yours.

Price: $$$   —   Return to Villas By Price


Sarasvati anguilla villa

Size: 8 bedrooms

Location: At the water's edge, overlooking Rendezvous Bay.

Description: Sarasvati is a luxury villa, to put it lightly.

Two stories, eight bedrooms, two kitchenettes, one large dining room, and... of course...

The negative edge pool with a waterfall, and a shallow, wading pool for children.

But if you'd rather swim in the Caribbean sea you are seconds away, and you're facing St. Martin too!

Price: $$$$$   —   Return to Villas By Price

Ananke Villa

Rendezvous ananke anguilla villa

Size: 1-3 bedrooms

Location: On a small, sandy beach, overlooking Rendezvous Bay.

Description: Ananke Villa sits out on the rocky point at the Eastern tip of Rendezvous Bay.

The two bedroom Anguilla villa rental offers breathtaking views of St. Martin, that can be enjoyed from the sensational patio.

Price: $$$$   —   Return to Villas By Price

Kamilah Suite

Kamilah's Bright Bedroom
kamilah suite bedroom
Photo: Anguilla Watersports

Size: 1 bedroom

Location: 30 second drive from Rendezvous Bay.

Description: A cozy and affordable apartment rental, Kamilah Suites covers all the needs of a couple or single traveler seeking inexpensive accommodations.

Clean and comfortable, Kamilah comes complete with a kitchenette (fridge, stove, oven, microwave, coffee maker), flatscreen TV, terrace with view of St. Martin and Rendezvous Bay, WiFi and access to large pool and hammocks.

Price: $   —   Return to Villas By Price

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