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Nat's in The Valley


Nat's is currently closed.

By: Kirmani Honore

As you may know, Nat's Palm Grove is one of our favorite BBQ spots. Tried and true, this quintessential Anguillian beach bar is a "must," especially when exploring the rugged eastern coastlines of Savannah Bay and Junk's Hole.

But what do you when you're craving Nat's authentic Anguillian cuisine, and you're not in Anguilla's eastern outback?...

Welcome to Nat's in The Valley
Nats in The Valley

Nat's in The Valley

On a drive through The Valley one afternoon, we were in search of casual lunch options. Easy, tasty take-out and a picnic at Limestone Bay was calling our names.

That was when, so serendipitously, we noticed a brightly colored sign with a very familiar name... "Nat's."

Nat’s at a Glance!
Al fresco dining at Nats in The Valley

Nat's shack is rich in rustic, laid-back charm. It makes you feel like you've just arrived at a beloved beach BBQ.

The bright orange hues, the over-arching foliage, a breezy area for lunch al fresco and an open BBQ grill... it all beckons you in!

"That name sure rings a bell," we thought as we approached the colorful shack, our wonder and intrigue growing. That's when we met Natalie, the owner. Our guesses were right!

Meet Natalie!
Natalie owner of Nats

The daughter of Nat and Ethne of Nat's Palm Grove, Natalie has opened a spot of her own right in the heart of The Valley.

Owned and operated by Natalie and her husband, Dalan, their "beach" shack brings Nat's good vibes and excellent flavors right to the island's capital.

What's for lunch at Nat's?

The Food

The menu can be summed up in just two words: "Deliciously mouthwatering."

Options include classic BBQ, Nat's famous Johnny cakes and unique creations like lobster Johnny cake burgers, silky mac and cheese and loaded fries.

To begin? I recommend getting at least one order of Nat's light and fluffy Johnny cakes. Often called the #1 Johnny cake in Anguilla, there's no beating these pillowy bites of heaven.

Nat's Famous Johnny Cakes
 Nat's johnnycakes

Next up...

Nat’s BBQ is Finger Licking Good
Nat's BBQ Mix

The meat simply falls off the bone. Just like Palm Grove's BBQ, this chicken & rib plate is juicy to the last bite.

When it comes to unique creations, we can't say enough good things about Natalie's lobster Johnny cake burger.

Nat’s Fully Loaded Sautéed Lobster Johnny Cake Burger Nat's sauteed lobster johnnycake burger

Generous chunks of sumptuous lobster are bathed in Nat's signature curry sauce. The succulent lobster is layered with lettuce, tomato, red onion and popped onto a crispy Johnny cake.

This is a must-have at Nat's!

Another specialty dish available only at Natalie's in The Valley?...

Lip Smacking Mac and Cheese
 Nat's homemade recipe mac and cheese

Nat's homemade mac and cheese hits the spot. Silky, savory, perfectly seasoned and cooked al dente, you can top your mac and cheese with pulled BBQ chicken, crispy chicken, fish, shrimp and lobster.

Natalie's menu doesn't end there.

Loaded Fries with Nat’s Super Secret Sauce
Nat's loaded fries

Crisp French fries are drenched in Natalie's super secret tangy sauce. We recommend topping your plate with crispy shrimp! The combination of textures is addictively delicious.

I've Got My Fries On You!
Nat's loaded fries

After lunch, Natalie's SWEET Johnny cakes call your name...

"Sugar Johnnies"
Nat's sugar johnny cakes

Johnny cake + powdered sugar + chocolate dipping sauce = 100% delight with every bite!

Sweet Treats at Nat's
Nat's sugar johnny cakes

Called "Sugar Johnnies," these perfectly fried strips of sweet Johnny cake are fluffier and sweeter than your average Johnny cake. Think: Johnny cake texture with churro flavor, all dusted in confectioners' sugar. For sweetest results, dip your Johnny cake strips in the side of chocolate sauce.

To cool down? Finish your meal with Natalie’s house-made passionfruit-infused lemonade.

Refreshing House-Made Lemonade
Nat's Lemonade

Sweet, tasty and satisfying.

Not only have Natalie and Dalan brought Nat’s vibe and flavor to the island's capital, they have completely re-invented the menu! Natalie, we can't stop dreaming of your lobster burger and mac and cheese.

Like her parents at Palm Grove, Natalie is such a gracious host. With a yummy selection of eats at a reasonable price, Nat's in The Valley boasts tremendous value.

See You at Nat's!
Natalie gumbs of nat's in the valley

Nat’s is an Anguilla Card Partner! Save 10% at Nat’s when you use your Anguilla Card.

Directions, Hours & Contact

Hours: Open Mondays - Fridays 11am-3pm
Telephone:(264) 497-4224 / (264) 235-4224

Nat's is located near The Valley's Strip .