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Picture Anguilla!...
Sunsets (and a Sunrise)


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Anguilla At Its Best -Lib Sargent

Lib Sargent
I have traveled to Shoal Bay Villas Since 2005, I have always stated at this very special Hotel as it is a piece of Heaven, and my Home away from Home.

Anguilla At Its Best -Lib Sargent

Each Day is Heavenly and then some. I look forward to my return, as the Island always seems to restore me, enhancing my Peace, Solitude and giving me even greater Greater Gratitude


Our Week of Heaven in Anguilla -Andrea Libes

Andrea Libes
My husband and I were on vacation with my sister and brother-in-law and had such a great time. We enjoyed a week of gorgeous beaches, amazing restaurants and the most breathtaking views. Being on vacation with my sister was special enough but to be able to spend it in Anguilla was one of the best weeks of my life. I can’t wait to go back.


Tranquillity Wrapped in Blue -Angel Gonzalez

Angel Gonzalez
The sunset photo was taken outside of Carimar Beach Club on Mead’s Bay. If there’s a prettier spot in all the world to catch a sunset, I’d sure like to know about it!


Heaven on Earth -Chip Cutting

Chip Cutting
Anguilla is the most beautiful, relaxing place I have ever been to. Beaches are like flour. Water is so warm and salty. Sunsets are the best I’ve ever seen. Anguillans are hard working, friendly and will go out of their way to make sure you are happy. Looking forward to coming back again!


Our First Anguilla Sunset -Christa

My parents starting bringing me to Anguilla when I was 3 years old. I grew up loving this amazing island and vacationing there with my family almost every year. Now, at 31, my husband joined my family in Anguilla for the first time. When we took this picture, we had wandered to the end of Shoal Bay East to watch the sun set together for the first time in Anguilla. Rum punches in hand, we witnessed the most beautiful sunset. It will hopefully be the first sunset of many more to come for us as we begin the tradition of vacationing in Anguilla with our family.


Sanctity -F.B. Hartzell

F.B. Hartzell
If there’s one thing people discover during a visit to Anguilla, it’s the abundance of peace. Inner peace. Peaceful sunsets. Life at rest. Suspension of reality. “Souls at Sunset” depicts such a moment, as three family members take in the sun’s final moments at Crocus Bay before it dips below the horizon. One might also assume the boats themselves have “souls.”


Lovely Anguilla -George Riegel

George Riegel
This is my son “capturing” the sunset on Meads Bay Beach. Great night, thought it was a cool photo.

Lovely Anguilla -George Riegel

This photo is again taken from Meads Bay.

Some day trippers are calling it a day.

I guess you can tell I love sunsets.


Anguilla Gold at the end of our Rainbow -Gigi Shapiro

Gigi shapiro
On our last trip to Anguilla we saw a Gold sky and could only sigh…. It is our only time we can relax is on the water having a Pyrat holding hands and feeling lucky to be alive.


GS -Gregory Smith

Gregory Smith
A nice sunset taken from Little Bay beach.


At Sandy Ground the boats rest but the night life begin -James Cormier

James Cormier
Sunset at Sandy Ground during dinner near our villa. Flew in that afternoon after leaving a snowstorm behind in Massachusetts to see this on our first night on the island. This is all it took to fall in love with Anguilla and we can’t wait to get back to paradise.


Day One -Jamison Mobriant

Jamison Mobriant
We took this photo on our first full day ever visiting the perfect island of Anguilla. It was a gorgeous Sunday and we were unable, really, to pull ourselves off the beach despite good intentions to head out for a beautiful meal. We’d already explored by car, swam at three beaches including what became our favorite, had a burger and beer with our toes in the sand, saw a handful of people who all smiled or waved, and wondered about the goat-dogs. We felt welcome and grateful watching the kids pass at sunset – they would be at school in the morning while we got to do this again.


40th Birthday in Anguilla -Jennifer Goetz

Jennifer Goetz
My husband and I and two dear friends spent one week in Anguilla to celebrate our 40th birthdays in May. Anguilla is the perfect combination of beautiful beaches, delicious food and amazing people. We ate lunch and/or dinner out every day. The restaurants are fantastic! We loved spending the morning relaxing and discussing where we should go that day. Our afternoons were spent on one of the many white sand beaches and the evenings at our villa enjoying the sunset before heading out to dinner. Anguilla is truly a special place. We can not wait to return!


Photos -Jim McAllister

Jim McAllister
Years gone by our visits to Anguilla have been lovely just can’t seem to get back often enough...


Coming home on race day -John Maddeford

John Maddeford
My wife and I have been lucky enough to come to Anguilla during the winter months. This year, we were relaxing on the beach in Sandy Ground when the boats started to return on race day. Fortunately, we caught a glimpse of this gorgeous silhouette at sunset. A perfect end to a perfect day in Anguilla!


Anguilla Sensory Delight -John Richo

John Richo
The vivid beauty of the sunset takes me back to that moment, and as notice the little wave I can hear the rythmic ripple of waves as they fall gently on the shore. At night the sound acts as metronome for my soul as I fall asleep.

Anguilla Sensory Delight -John Richo

When I visit Anguilla I make a point of rising early to see the sunrise, and to take a walk alone on the beach. If I could, I would freeze in time the feeling of peace that I get from the sand, the air, the water.


Living on Island Time -Lisa Boivin Higdon

Lisa Boivin Higdon
With friends at sunset hoping to see the illusive “green flash." And yes, I saw it!


Living on Island Time -Mary Riegel

Mary Riegel
At that time, the beach was almost empty, and you could walk the entire beach without seeing buildings or people – except for Mali up on the hill. We loved to sit on the beach at dusk every night to catch the most perfect sunsets.


A little slice of Heaven!  -Megan Carpenter

Megan Carpenter
We just returned from our first trip to Anguilla- it was love at first sight! This was a very special trip as it was the first time leaving both our young girls. Anguilla’s beautiful scenery, wonderful food, and kind people will keep us coming back. We anticipate many more trips and can’t wait to experience Anguilla all over again.


Always follow your dreams -Patrick Hakes

Patrick Hakes
Oddly enough I read about Anguilla for the first time in grade school in Conde Nast Traveler. I thought I’d never get to visit. An enclave of the well heeled and jet set. That’s not me! Always follow your dreams my friends – the effort is always worth while. A place of immaculate beauty and endless hospitality awaits.

Seeing pelicans in Anguilla? No big deal – they are plentiful! However this lone creature in flight at sundown just makes that moment even more special.


Sunset at Rendezvous Bay -Peter Tomopoulos

Peter Tomopoulos
You have never experienced paradise until you walk on the beaches of Anguilla. Even better, imagine walking on the beaches of Rendezvous Bay. And then imagine walking there while the sun is setting after a perfect day of sunshine, white sandy beaches, good food, good company, and friendly people all while visiting this pristine island.


Sunset at Rendezvous Bay -Ralph Smith

Ralph Smith
Sunset in front of Roy’s in March 2012. The beach was serene, empty, and showing off the “world class” nature of Anguilla.


The Essence of Anguilla -Rick Holubowicz

Rick Holubowicz
A magnificent sunset taken from Masara at Katouche Bay.


Anguilla's Beauty and Romance -Sue Heineman

Sue Heineman
Sunset at Shoal Bay East. The perfect end to a perfect day on Anguilla.


Home -Susi Schroeder

Susi Schroeder
Anguilla is home for me and my family for the past 17 years.


Gwen's on Sunday -Tina Petelin

Tina Petelin
Gwen’s on Sunday is my ultimate happy place. We were lucky enough to stumble upon it our first trip to Anguilla. We were walking down shoal bay and found Gwen’s. It was a Sunday, music was playing and a few people were sitting at tables. We decided to stop there for lunch. We sat down at a table ordered a sandwich and rum punch. A band of local musicians was playing fabulous reggae music.

After eating we jumped in the ocean to cool off. I floated there for a while soaking up the sun and sound of happy music. After returning to our table we found another couple had sat down. So we invited them to join us, ordered more rum punches, and spent the rest of the afternoon talking to our new friends and enjoying the music, while staring out at the most beautiful water. By the time the music stopped the sun was staring to set. Our lunch had turned into the most amazing day. I had a huge smile on my face as we made it down to the turn on the beach just in time to watch the most beautiful sunset. At that moment I decided Gwen’s was my happy place.

It took three years but I was finally able to get back to Anguilla. The one thing I had to do was spend Sunday afternoon at Gwen’s. I knew the instant I turned the bend and heard the music trailing down the beach that I was going to be lucky enough to spend another day at my happy place. Gwen’s didn’t disappoint. If anything it was even better. Now I spend every day looking at my picture hoping I will make it back to my happy place.


Reality is the Dream -Vicki

Each time I feel like I’ve returned home. I still can’t get over how many shades of blue there are and how many colors can make up a sunset. It is impossible to choose from all of the pictures I have taken on this tranquil island. Each one brings soothing memories. Some are relatively unremarkable, though they remind my husband and me of something wonderful.


A view from the balcony at the Malliouhana Hotel Meads Bay -Yvonne Grendys

Yvonne Grendys
Each time I feel like I’ve returned home. I still can’t get over how many shades of blue there are and how many colors can make up a sunset. It is impossible to choose from all of the pictures I have taken on this tranquil island. Each one brings soothing memories. Some are relatively unremarkable, though they remind my husband and me of something wonderful.


Anguilla 2010-2012 -Mark Denebeim

Mark Denebeim
Many fun times in Sandy Ground with Elvis and people I meet at his Beach Bar.


Reality is the Dream -Vicki

While vacationing on another island (undisclosed location) my husband and I read the Blanchards' "A Trip to the Beach," and began dreaming of under-crowded beaches, a less scheduled vacation. In May 2005, we stayed on St. Martin and realized how close we were to Anguilla.

On my birthday we took the ferry and a taxi to Blanchards, expecting to have dinner there. We spent the day on amazing Meads Bay and basically camped out at Blanchards. We were immediately captivated by this gorgeous beach, and the sunset was amazing! We almost did not get to dine at Blanchards since we had no reservations, but we did get lucky and had a delightful birthday dinner, made more exciting by the fact that we had to get back to the ferry by 9 (good old days).

We were amazed by our taxi driver (he had returned and was waiting for us) and the staff who made sure we dined well, while also making sure we got out in a timely fashion. I decided then that we had to return for a real vacation.

We have been back 5 times since then. Each time I feel like I've returned home.

I still can't get over how many shades of blue there are and how many colors can make up a sunset.


Peace, Love and Happiness -Vicki Foertschbeck

Vicki Foertschbeck
My husband and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary on the beautiful island of Anguilla. It was our first visit, and we felt like we had come home. The spirit of Anguilla is like no other. The culture, kind people, exquisite food and stunning beaches make you feel like you are one with the island.

This was taken on our last night with a beautiful sunset. Giving thanks to the sun for another day.


What makes Anguilla so special... -Tara Irwin

Tara Irwin
My husband and I have had the great fortune of visiting Anguilla three times, each time falling more in love with this this little piece of paradise and each other. Our first trip was only 5 months into our relationship and the first time either of us had been to the Caribbean.

We were so in awe of the island's beauty, we ended up taking hundreds of photos and we looked at them everyday for about three months, but the images just made us want to go back more and more.

When we returned for our second trip we realized that it wasn't just the sand, water, palm trees and everything that we took photos of that made this place so special, but even more it was the people of this great island... They are always a warm, kind, and welcoming smile everywhere you go!

This was taken on our last night with a beautiful sunset. Giving thanks to the sun for another day.