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Picture Anguilla!...
Food, Drinks & Fun


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The Perfect Day -Angela Wright

Christi Scofiel
If someone asked me to describe my perfect day, my answer would be this: Wake up at Carimar and enjoy breakfast of fresh fruit, eggs and coffee on a beach front balcony while gazing at beautiful Meads Bay.

Snorkel in the waters at Meads Bay, followed by a nap in a comfy shaded Carimar lounge chair. Lunch at Gwens (picutred)! Nothing can beat the rum punch, beautiful view, and dancing to live, local music.

Late afternoon nap followed by watching the sunset from our balcony at Carimar.

Dinner at Blanchards, complete with those amazing mussels and a rum punch (or 3)!

I am blessed to say that I have lived my perfect day on Anguilla, and can't wait to come back and do it again!


We love Anguilla -Jennifer Green

Jennifer Green
Anguilla is beautiful and lots of fun. We loved the people, beaches, and food. We cannot wait to return. Photo number one was taken at lunch at On Da Rocks... hardest choices we made all week.


Anguilla Sensory Delight -John Richo

John Richo
This image makes me, and anyone who has tasted Anguilla crayfish drool, and book the next trip back to Anguilla.


Anguilla Memories -Linda Primomo

Linda Primomo
When I go to Anguilla, I always see a chance to think-out-of-the-box; when it comes to taking photos.

Anguilla Memories -Linda Primomo

Anguilla is an easy place to to be behind the lens, because there is so much beauty and color all around.


CuisinArt -Lauren Walsh

Lauren Walsh
This was my first visit to Anguilla and one I will never forget. This picture was taken at the bar at Cuisinart.

I was enjoying a cocktail with my best friend, Carol Schnlittich, who happened to own Mangos some years ago, and just snapped this picture. I framed it and it is on my kitchen wall a beautiful reminder of a beautiful island.


The Many Shades of Anguilla -Marlea Williams

Marlea Williams
The explosion of color and flavors of the quintessential Anguillan lunch served with island flair at Gorgeous Scilly Cay!


Backyard Bliss -Corlean Payne

Corlean Payne
This little octopus I spied while snorkeling Katouche during the last month of my pregnancy.


Anguilla: The Good Life -Cecilia Carr

Cecilia Carr
During my trip to Anguilla, I was staying at a home near Shoal Bay. These goats would oftentimes sit on a pile of rocks that were at the end of the road, leading up to the house.


Anguilla Awe! -Kelly Szymanski

Kelly Szymanski
We longed for a trip to Anguilla for SO long, and finally our yearning and waiting and scheming and dreaming came true.

The magic of Anguilla lives on in our memories forever - and the yearning for more has returned! We LOVE Anguilla-beaches and boats, churches and critters all!


The best B-Day ever!!! -Nubia Maldonado

Nubia Maldonado
Two years ago, for my boyfriend's birthday we came to the beautiful island of Anguilla. It was perfect, we were the only ones at the Shoal Bay beach that day.

I asked him what he wanted for his birthday and he said to see a stingray. Well, we went snorkeling and there it was along with a little fish friend!


Bored to Tears...of Joy -TraceyG

Tracey G
Two years ago, for my boyfriend's birthday we came to the beautiful island of Anguilla. It was perfect, we were the only ones at the Shoal Bay beach that day.

This storm cloud appeared in the distance on a brilliant sunny day at Rendezvous Bay. At first it was just a dark, strangely-shaped cloud, but soon we could see the rain pouring out in a perfect column. I guess it's really true what they say about Anguilla – with no mountains for them to get "caught" on, the rain clouds drift right on by!


Turning 50 in Anguilla! -John Churas

John Churas
Anguilla is where we celebrated my wife's 50th birthday. This photo shows why we will be returning again and again to celebrate the beautiful beaches, friendly people, excellent food and restaurants, and outstanding accommodations. This small island in the Caribbean is a beautiful and tranquil place to visit and I will always be tempted to move here!