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5 Not-To-Be-Missed Anguilla Nightlife Spots

Nightlife in Anguilla... it exists.

It is wise to note that, like many things, the perceptions of it are relative to what your expectations are...

Anguilla has the population of a size of a small to mid-sized university and is in the Caribbean, after all. Here, the general vibe is low-key, laid-back and not so hyper.

In no particular order, here are 5 of our favorite spots for nightlife in Anguilla...

#1. Elvis'

anguilla nightlife elvis'

Built of a wooden boat, and right on the beach in Sandy Ground, Elvis' Beach Bar is a popular place for Anguilla nightlife.

In Anguilla, there are ebbs and flows to almost everything it seems, including what you may find if you plan for an evening out, post dinner.

For example, a Saturday night in February at Elvis' may be crowded and people expressing themselves on the sand dancefloor in front of the dj who is playing more "clubby" and dancehall-type music.

On those types of nights they may even bring out the limbo stick.

Another night at Elvis' you may find a relaxed, small gathering of people sitting around the bar and and reggae is the genre of music that evening.

This is true of other Anguilla nightlife spots as well...

#2. Pumphouse

A Pumphouse crowd with one of popular bar's owners
Anguilla nightlife, Anguilla live music, The Pumphouse, live music

The Pumphouse is another nightlife destination that has busier nights and quieter nights.

Inside a funky wooden building that backs onto the Road Bay Salt Pond in Sandy Ground, for years the Pumphouse was used to refine salt from the pond.

Today, the Pumphouse is one of the best bars in Anguilla.

Their big nightlife night is on Thursday night when the Musical Brothers start to play around 10pm.

The crowd is a mix of locals and tourists and the dancing and music can go until after 2am sometimes.

A Thursday night at The Pumphouse
Anguilla nightlife, Anguilla live music, The Pumphouse, Musical Brothers

#3. The Dune

Bankie Banx's Dune Preserve has a magical setting. A ramshackle of an establishment, made of driftwood and other treasures found from the sea, its location on Rendezvous Bay, with the rolling waves at its edge, and the twinkling lights of St. Martin in the distance, make it one of the most special spots in Anguilla.

It's no wonder CNN rated The Dune as #1 beach bar in the world!

Omari Banks plays a Friday night at The Dune Preserve
Anguilla nightlife, Anguilla live music, The Dune Preserve, Bankie Banx

Open for lunch and dinner, Bankie Banx's Dune Preserve can be the locale for a late night gathering from time to time. His son Omari Banks plays there on Friday nights and if enough people are around, the good times continue until late.

#4. Darvin's Place

Darvin's Place is new to the Anguilla nightlife scene. While mostly local, you will find some tourists do wander in.

A DJ set or live music plays all weekend. The live music is what keeps people coming back.

Darvin Mussington is part of a musical family The Mussingtons who have some returning visiting fans that go back as far as the 80's and 90's.

You can expect to hear reggae, calypso and soca.

If you are in the mood for some lively live music and dancing, go hang out at Darvin's on the weekend nights!

#5. Viceroy's Sunset Lounge

Update 2016: Viceroy's Sunset Lounge is now managed by Four Seasons Anguilla. Updates to come on Sunset Lounge at Four Seasons.

Ladies and gentlemen dress more Caribbean formal
for an evening at the Sunset Lounge at The Viceroy
Anguilla nightlife, Anguilla live music, The Viceroy, Sunset Lounge

Many who visit Anguilla find a way to spend at evening at The Viceroy's Sunset Lounge.

While it's not typical Caribbean style or unique, like many of Anguilla's night spots, it is beautiful and offers sushi, small plates, and cocktails.

Check The Viceroy for a live music schedule as it tends to change often. There is a popular and fun dj there for dancing sometimes too!

Honorable Mention: After Hours at Velvet Lounge & Dad's Bar and Grill

A newer establishment for late night in Anguilla is the Velvet Lounge. It's located in The Valley above City Liquors.

While they too can have quiet nights, they stay open late. They also usually supply a DJ or have a local soca band to perform. Local soca band performances tend to not start until after midnight.

You won't see many, if any, tourists here so if you like the "off the beaten path" style, enjoy getting to know the locals and are a night owl... Velvet Lounge something to consider.

It is a dark place with a club-style approach with a friendly staff. The music tends to be very loud so this wouldn't be a place for too much chatting, unless you like to yell!

Update 2015: Lively, with a non-stop supply of cheap drinks, eats and good vibes, The Strip surely deserves a mention :-)

If the beach is more your scene, check out Dad's Bar & Grill, right on the beach in Sandy Ground, on Tuesdays and Sundays when Cypress Roots perform. More on Dad's Bar and Grill.

Those are the top 5 nightlife spots in our book! Do you have a favorite bar or lounge in Anguilla that's not on the list? Add it in the comments below by clicking here.

Also, for up to date events and weekly music and nightlife schedules, please check out our Anguilla weekly page.

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