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Anguilla News

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Here Are Anguilla-Beaches.com's New Pages...

Jun 24, 2016

Anguilla Wedding Packages

Private & tranquil, Anguilla is one of the world's most romantic destinations. The question is, how do you pull off a picture-perfect destination wedding? Blue Sea Anguilla, known as the best in the business, shares their experiences, wedding stories and details on their Anguilla wedding packages.

Continue reading "Anguilla Wedding Packages"

Jun 08, 2016

Rotary Club of Anguilla

The Rotary Club of Anguilla pursues a new mission... to raise $50,000 to build a blood bank in Anguilla. Donate to this worthy cause & be entered for a chance to win your own piece of paradise!

Continue reading "Rotary Club of Anguilla"

Jun 08, 2016

Mermaid School International

Dive into Anguilla's crystal clear waters and live the under water life of a mermaid! The Mermaid School International, led by Estelle Arlaud, takes you into the sea and teaches you the ropes. A perfect Anguilla activity for kids of all ages.

Continue reading "Mermaid School International"

Jun 06, 2016

Savannah Bay

Take a virtual beach walk on Anguilla's largest, least visited and most un-developed sandy beach... the remote, natural and beautiful Savannah Bay.

Continue reading "Savannah Bay"

Jun 02, 2016

Anguilla Open

The Anguilla Open is every golfer's dream... a shot at a national title! Held yearly at the pristine, Greg Norman designed CuisinArt Golf Club and Sponsored by GE, the challenging Anguilla Open is a wonderful weekend of golf under the sun.

Continue reading "Anguilla Open"

Jun 01, 2016

Anguilla Lit Fest

A beautiful celebration of literature, Anguilla Lit Fest is all about finding your inspiration. With heavy-hitting guest speakers and presenters who are big names in publishing and literature, it's both an inspiring weekend and a great opportunity for aspiring writers to expand networks and knowledge bases, too.

Continue reading "Anguilla Lit Fest"

May 29, 2016

The Manoah Ocean Beach Club

The St. Tropez-style Manoah Ocean Beach Club and restaurant opens its doors on Shoal Bay East! With a dazzling pool, bar and beachfront location and excellent cuisine, it's sure to quickly become a MUST for lunch in Anguilla.

Continue reading "The Manoah Ocean Beach Club"

May 18, 2016

6 Months BucketList Vacation

Hi, Thank you in advance for taking the time to answer our question. My husband and I are seriously hoping to move to Anguilla for 6 months. This

Continue reading "6 Months BucketList Vacation"

May 03, 2016

Sensational Flavours

Organic farm and market set in Anguilla's east end, Sensational Flavours is a true product of passion. Stop in to pick up and sample their orangic produce, baked goods, juices, soups and more. A lovely marketplace awaits you on Saturday mornings at Sensational Flavours.

Continue reading "Sensational Flavours"

Apr 29, 2016

We Have a Winner!

I am excited to announce that we have a winner for Ruff Training Sessions’ Fundraiser!

The draw took place this afternoon at 12:45pm EST with the help of the kind folks at Radio Anguilla.

If you missed our live broadcast of the draw, you can watch it here.

And who is the grand prize winner? Michael / Ticket #67 is the winner of the $10,000-value trip to Anguilla!

A huge thank you to EVERYONE for your support! Thanks to you, Hilroy and his team will be Atlanta-bound next week to participate in Tough Mudder. Hilroy, we will be cheering you on :-)))

Continue reading "We Have a Winner!"

Apr 26, 2016

Anguilla Beaches Walk... Captain's Bay

Finally, the way to Anguilla's most hard to find and most rewarding beach, Captain's Bay. Come take a walk on one of Anguilla's most notorious yet spectacular beaches, home to strong rip currents, beautiful wave formations and even whales!

Continue reading "Anguilla Beaches Walk... Captain's Bay"

Apr 12, 2016

Criss Conch Shack

Fresh conch and lionfish, breaded and fried to perfection. It's a local, must-try when visiting Anguilla - the Criss Conch Shack on Sandy Ground

Continue reading "Criss Conch Shack"

Apr 09, 2016

The Anguilla Aqua Park

Get ready for more fun in the sun with Anguilla Watersports' latest addition, The Anguilla Aqua Park. The largest water park of its kind in the Caribbean, bounce on water trampolines, slide into Anguilla's aquamarine waters and challenge your friends to an obstacle race! An afternoon at the Aqua Park is a must for families and kids.

Continue reading "The Anguilla Aqua Park"

Apr 03, 2016

Italia Opens for Lunch!

Good news for fans of Italia... the gourmet Italian restaurant is now open for lunch and dinner!

Cavatelli pesto, smoked ham with buffalo mozzarella and tomato salad, Prosciutto di Parma, smoked mozzarella & arugula panini...

The menu is divine and you can't beat Italia's day-time view :-)

Continue reading "Italia Opens for Lunch!"

Mar 30, 2016

The Bamboo Beer Box

Bamboo Beer Box brings authentic Caribbean vibes to Meads Bay with their laid-back bar on the beach! Don't miss the ribs and the Skinny Girl cocktail.

Continue reading "The Bamboo Beer Box"

Mar 29, 2016

Lobster BBQ

Every Saturday night CuisinArt Golf Resort & Spa's Le Bistro at Santorini is transformed into a five-star, gourmet food festival, Lobster BBQ. One of the island's most popular events, it is ultra high value. $95 buys all you can eat BBQ lobster and a wide array of gourmet mains and side dishes, all served in an elegant and inviting atmosphere.

Continue reading "Lobster BBQ"

Mar 17, 2016

Ruff Training Sessions

Win a luxurious $10,000 value Anguilla vacation (including a 6 night stay at Viceroy, car rental, activities, transport to/from SXM and a meal for each day of your stay) and support a worthwhile community cause!

Continue reading "Ruff Training Sessions"

Mar 10, 2016

Fish Shack & Grill

A product of passion, Fish Shack & Grill specializes in slow-cooked, smoked meats and an outstanding signature sauce all at a fair price.

Continue reading "Fish Shack & Grill"

Feb 25, 2016

Covecastles Restaurant

One of Anguilla's haute-cuisine chefs who put the island on the culinary map, Chef Marc Alvarez has returned to Covecastles Restaurant. With a wood oven, wood and charcoal grill, and innovative and intricate dishes, Chef Marc is impressing palates yet again with his gourmet creations.

Continue reading "Covecastles Restaurant"

Feb 17, 2016

The Restaurant at Malliouhana's Menu

The Restaurant at Malliouhana's Executive Chef Cupertino Ortiz is igniting a fire across Anguilla's high-end dining scene. From Cinco Jotas Ham, to carbonara prepared with guanciale, to prime dry-aged Tomahawk steak, his cuisine is fit for the most discerning gourmand.

Continue reading "The Restaurant at Malliouhana's Menu"

Feb 11, 2016

Shoal Bay Villas in 2016

We take a fresh look at Shoal Bay Villas, THE beach-front hotel on Shoal Bay East!

Continue reading "Shoal Bay Villas in 2016"

Feb 07, 2016

The Sunset Bar at Malliouhana

Lunch is now served daily at the elegant Sunset Bar at Malliouhana! Casual and chic, with an exquisite and diverse menu, Executive Chef Ortiz and Food & Beverage Director, Jorge have crafted a delightfully cool Anguillian-Latin eatery inside the five-star Malliouhana.

Continue reading "The Sunset Bar at Malliouhana"

Feb 02, 2016

Welcome, CuisinArt Golf Resort & Spa!

I am excited to announce that five-star luxury resort, CuisinArt Golf Resort & Spa has joined Anguilla-Beaches.com as a Site Sponsor!

Set on the sparkling, smooth crescent beach that is Rendezvous Bay, amidst swaying royal palms and blossoming bougainvillea, CuisinArt Golf Resort & Spa surpasses the term "Anguilla luxury resorts."

cuisinart golf resort spa

We have, of course, been covering CuisinArt's many strides forward in recent years. It was time to archive our previous articles and experience how it all ties together in 2016.

As you know from the website, Sponsorship is not advertising. Our Sponsors enable us to grow the increasing number of ways that we expose Anguilla to the rest of the world. That said, every Sponsor must live up to our high standards. We experience each in-depth.

When I explained that to the good folks at CuisinArt, they didn't blink. "The resort is open to you, Nori," and that is how the whole family ended up taking a mini-vacation "away" (10 miles away!) from home.

Continue reading "Welcome, CuisinArt Golf Resort & Spa!"

Jan 28, 2016

Chef Jasper's Tasting Menu

Experience haute-cuisine dining with Executive Chef Jasper Schneider's signature Chef's Tasting Menu at the AAA Four Diamond restaurant, Le Bistro at Santorini. Memorable in every way, it was one of our family's best meals of all time.

Continue reading "Chef Jasper's Tasting Menu"

Jan 21, 2016

We Have an Anguilla Postcards Winner!

Wow! Everyone has been blown away by your tremendous "Postcards From Anguilla" :-)

There were so many stunning captures, each telling a unique story and sharing a special memory from Tranquility Wrapped in Blue.

Choosing 1 grand-prize winner wasn't easy. And, we will be holding more contests like this throughout the year.

To see the winner of the $250-value dinner for 2 at the exquisite Malliouhana, click the link below!

Continue reading "We Have an Anguilla Postcards Winner!"

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