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Anguilla Blog

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Oct 07, 2015

Cheap Flights to Anguilla

Find convenient and cheap flights to Anguilla via our Cheapest Flight-to-Anguilla Finder tool! Compare flights to regional airport, AXA and international Caribbean hub, St. Maarten's Princess Juliana Airport, SXM, and you will be amazed at the savings in flight times and price.

Continue reading "Cheap Flights to Anguilla"

Oct 06, 2015

Saltfish Recipe

A favorite Anguillian dish, saltfish is served and prepared in a number of different ways on-island. Find out how to source saltfish ingredients on-island and how to prepare at home with this Anguilla saltfish recipe!

Continue reading "Saltfish Recipe"

Sep 29, 2015

CuisinArt Golf Resort & Spa's Solar Energy Plant

CuisinArt Golf Resort & Spa is setting new standards, this time in green technology. With an impressive solar energy plant and reverse osmosis system in place, the resort is both reducing their carbon footprint and bringing Anguilla into a sustainable future.

Continue reading "CuisinArt Golf Resort & Spa's Solar Energy Plant"

Sep 15, 2015

Sharpy's Shake Shack

Owned by the family behind Sandy Island, it's no surprise that Sharpy's has become the sharpest spot on the Strip! With tasty, light tapas bites and a lively bar atmosphere, Sharpy's Shake Shack has become a new favorite.

Continue reading "Sharpy's Shake Shack"

Sep 09, 2015

TJ's Cafe

Nestled in the heart of The Valley, the family owned and operated TJ's Cafe serves up hot, homestyle cooking and offers sweet baked treats in addition to their popular, home-brewed, flavored iced tea and Saturday Caribbean breakfast specials.

Continue reading "TJ's Cafe"

Sep 01, 2015

Zharnel Hughes

Anguilla's fastest man is setting the track and field world on fire with his steady increase in speed. Humble and kind, Zharnel Hughes sits down with us and shares what inspires him and what's next!

Continue reading "Zharnel Hughes"

Aug 15, 2015

Anguilla's Jammin'

Anguilla's first island-made jam, powered by aquaponics, Anguilla's Jammin' is bringing vibrant, colorful and flavorful jams to Anguilla's shores. With flavors of Paw Paw Melon, Kool Kiwi, Mashed Up Mango, Passion Fruity and Hot Jamn, founders Jackie Cestero, Molly and Tommy have found a sustainable recipe for tropical jam perfection!

Continue reading "Anguilla's Jammin'"

Aug 13, 2015

Bringing the Sunshine: Anguilla's Garvey Lake

A songbird with a great smile, handsome features and a friendly approach, meet the face of The Sunshine Shack, Anguilla's Garvey Lake.

Continue reading "Bringing the Sunshine: Anguilla's Garvey Lake"

Aug 11, 2015

English Rose

English Rose Restaurant, a favorite loved by locals, serving hearty meals at reasonable prices in the heart of The Valley.

Continue reading "English Rose"

Aug 06, 2015

"Good Cookies" at Tequila Sunrise Villa

Anguilla's Tequila Sunrise Villa hosts Michelin-starred NYC Chefs Marc Forgione and Alfred Portale and top Anguilla chefs, Marc Alvarez, Carrie Bogar and Dale Carty, all in the name of a foundation with a deeply important cause, Cookies For Kids' Cancer.

Continue reading ""Good Cookies" at Tequila Sunrise Villa"

Aug 04, 2015

The Thrill of Racing in an Anguilla Boat Race

A look at what it's like to spend a day at sea on an Anguilla racing boat during an Anguilla boat race. Kristin Bourne climbs aboard with Viking 007 during the Peter Perkins Memorial Boat Race.

Continue reading "The Thrill of Racing in an Anguilla Boat Race"

Jul 25, 2015

Anguilla's Off Season

Come end of August, Anguilla quiets right down. Following the end of Carnival, many businesses close up for a couple of months, taking a much needed rest to rejunevate for the upcoming season. These are the restaurants that will remain open during the off-season.

Continue reading "Anguilla's Off Season"

Jul 21, 2015

Anguilla Beaches Walk... Barnes Bay

Home to Viceroy Anguilla's private villas, Mango's Seaside Grill, a number of luxurious villas and more moderately priced accommodations, Caribella and ArBron, Barnes Bay is a tranquil, upscale beach escape.

Continue reading "Anguilla Beaches Walk... Barnes Bay"

Jul 07, 2015

Anguilla Beaches Walk... Shoal Bay West

Take a walk down the lesser-known but loyally-loved Shoal Bay West, cousin to the ever popular Shoal Bay East.

Continue reading "Anguilla Beaches Walk... Shoal Bay West"

Jul 02, 2015

Preparing an Anguilla Racing Boat

Join the crew of Anguilla racing boat, De Tree for a closer look at what goes into preparing for boat racing, Anguilla's national sport.

Continue reading "Preparing an Anguilla Racing Boat"

Jun 23, 2015

Anguilla Beaches Walk... Cove Bay

Home to one business (the loyally-loved Smokey's), one wharf and clear views of St. Martin, calm seas and rolling dunes, Cove Bay beach is one of Anguilla's untouched gems.

Continue reading "Anguilla Beaches Walk... Cove Bay"

Jun 16, 2015

Hunter's Food Van

One of the best ways to get hot food quickly in Anguilla and for a fraction of what you pay in most of the resort and traditional restaurants? Food vans. And, one of the best on The Strip is Hunter's Food Van.

Continue reading "Hunter's Food Van"

Jun 09, 2015

Cake Divas

If you need a cake while in Anguilla, these are the ladies to call - the Cake Divas. No challenge is unwelcomed. They are perfectionist confectionists and people pleasers!

Continue reading "Cake Divas"

Jun 05, 2015

Anguilla Souvenirs

Lovely reminders of the special island of Anguilla, these are some of our favorite Anguilla souvenirs found on-island and on the web!

Continue reading "Anguilla Souvenirs"

May 19, 2015

The Strip

A night life spot that has been growing in popularity, The Strip is home to excellent (and affordable!) vans and shacks serving up Anguillian cuisine, all with a lively spirit in the air on the weekends.

Continue reading "The Strip"

May 14, 2015

Summer Anguilla Vacations

Crystal-calm waters. Beaches all to yourself. A plethora of restaurants to discover and festivities to take part in. And, the best deals on flights and accommodations. The reasons to take summer Anguilla vacations are many!

Continue reading "Summer Anguilla Vacations"

May 11, 2015


Known for its graceful beauty yet venomous and invasive ways, did you know the lionfish is also delicious? We take a look at how to help out a good cause in Anguilla by dining on this delicious fish!

Continue reading "Lionfish"

May 05, 2015

Sarjai's Restaurant

Home to the award-winning Chef Darren Connor, it is no surprise that Sarjai's is quickly gaining a reputation for its outstanding, well-varied cuisine. Set just up the road from Meads Bay in Long Bay Village, here, comfortable neighborhood ambiance meets unpretentious culinary excellence at a reasonable price.

Continue reading "Sarjai's Restaurant"

May 04, 2015

Best Caribbean Beaches? Vote for Anguilla's #1!

On the best Caribbean island, known for having the best beaches in the Caribbean, the question is... which Anguilla beach is best? Vote for your favorite!

Continue reading "Best Caribbean Beaches? Vote for Anguilla's #1!"

Apr 29, 2015

De Cuisine

Located on Anguilla's main road, you would never expect to find one of the island's most haute-cuisine culinary experiences. Home to Joash Proctor and expert chef Denise Carr's De Cuisine, here, you are in for an excellent and utterly unique dining experience.

Continue reading "De Cuisine"

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